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1969 Bronco


Gorgeous Dark Silver Wrap
Brand New TMI Sport Seat Upholstery
Super Solid Montana Bronco 
Fully Bed-Lined Tub
Tilt Steering Column
Excellent Running 302 4 Barrel
ZF 5-Speed Overdrive Transmission
Hydro-Boost Braking System
Power Steering
Centech Wiring Harness
23 Gallon Fuel Tank
35" General Grabber Tires

This Bronco sits in that sweet spot that's so hard to find these days. It's not a $100k+ frame off build and its not a basket case. This one is a driver, fully capable of highway cruising as well as some off-road action. It looks great and draws steady compliments.

This one came to us from Montana in very solid condition. The floors were in excellent condition with just one small patch performed on the driver's toe board junction. The tub interior has been fully bedlined to keep this one rust free. The body panels are quite solid too. We opted for a fresh wrap in dark silver rather than wait for a 6-month $15k repaint. The results speak for themselves, this is a great looking Bronco.

Inside this one is Bronco Simple. The interior flooring has been bedlined and looks great. The seats are factory Bronco units wearing TMI Sport Seat Upholstery with their new seat bun set up. It is a really cool look and they are SUPER comfortable. The factory column was replaced with an aftermarket tilt-column. The roll bar is a 4-point unit and it fits well.

Under the hood the 302 has been upgraded with an Edelbrock Performer 4 barrel aluminum intake manifold and fitted with a Holley Performance 2 Barrel carburetor. The 2 barrels have less fuel-slosh issues than the 4 barrels so this is a common off-road set up. Detailing is nice under here and the custom valve covers look great.

Backing up that 302 is a ZF 5-Speed. These units are used in the F-250's behind 460's so it is pretty much indestructible in Bronco. The ZF's have a compound 1st & reverse gears along with a 5th overdriven gear so you really have the best of all worlds. Whether you are climbing over rocks, starting out on a steep hill or cruising 75 miles per hour you always have the right gear.

The Dana 20 transfer case has been fitted with a twin-stick shifter giving you some off-roading options as well as a bit easier 4wd engagement. 

Braking has been DRASTICALLY upgraded thanks to the front disc brake conversion and the Hydro-Boost assist. Braking is worlds better than the standard 'power' brakes. Simply push on the brakes and you get positive results without effort.

Suspension wise this one has been upgraded with a 2.5" lift kit. Each corner has 2 shocks, a standard primary & the second being an adjustable air set up. To help clear the 35's a 3" body lift was installed. 

For rolling stock this one is wearing some pretty cool General Grabber red-letter 35x12.50's fitted on 15x10 with simulated bead locks.  

Out on the road this one has excellent manners. Steering is firm and responsive with just the right amount of assist. The 5 speed shifts easily with deliberate gear changes and a smooth clutch engagement. Braking is incredibly easy and predictable. Driving down the road at 60 its straight & true while being at a very comfortable rpm. This one is the exception to 95% of the Bronco's on the road.


VIN: U15GLF14423
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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