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1979 F-350 4x4



Super Rare F36 VIN 1-Ton 4x4
Original Paint (what's left)
Original Interior (what's left)
Excellent Running 400ci V8
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Dana 60 Front Differential
Power Disc Brakes

In this ever expanding truck market the 70's Fords are extremely sought after. Thankfully Ford made lots of them. However, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd your options are few. Highboy's are quite popular, but were made in quite high numbers. The lone year '79 F350 4x4 is a good way to stand out...if you can find one. These Dana 60 front axle equipped F36 VIN trucks command a premium with only 10k of them produced. 

This '79 has lived on a farm for much of its life. Luckily this means it ran around on gravel & dirt, no salty winter roads. Obviously, there will be no beauty pageants won in her current dress. You could rock the patina with a semi-flat clear. The big deal is her bones are good. The body as a whole is quite rust free. The bed had been fitted with rubber mats and a 'goose neck' hitch that caused the bedfloor to rust. Luckily Dynacorn produces this panel as a complete replacement for about $450. The rest of the bed is pretty good, body and rust wise.

The interior is a blank canvas. Here too the aftermarket comes to the rescue with nearly every single nut, bolt, seat cover, door panel and nick-nack reproduced. 

Under the hood the 400 was rebuilt, though we did not get any documentation. The truck was actually parked due to the engine developing a miss on a couple of cylinders. The culprit turned out to be the rocker arms were not properly torqued and the 3 bolts backing out. After a proper torque the engine runs like a clock firing up easily and running quite smoothly. The transmission shifts properly and clutch engages fine.

The electric fuel pump works great but it is powered by a toggle switch rather than key on power. Leave it as a theft deterrent or simply change the power supply to 'key on' power. 

The tires are older so before any dedicated street use they should be replaced. 

This one is a project driver. While she runs, drives, stops & turns we would recommend some inspection and servicing prior to any road trips beyond the neighborhood. 
will need some new shoes. 

VIN: F36SCFE7154

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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