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1961 Plymouth Surburan Station Wagon


Cool Vintage Suburban Hauler

Excellent Running 318 V8

Proper Shifting Push Button Automatic

Power Steering & Power Brakes

Rare & Desirable Rear Facing 3rd Row Seat


The ’61 Plymouth Suburban Wagon was the last of its series. It sported numerous cues from the ‘Space Race’ of the day. Rocket Inspired Tail Lights, Futuristic Gauges and Special Details throughout. The styling was very bold with a love it or hate it design. Unfortunately, there were not enough of the ‘Love-Its’ and production was halted at the end of 1961.


This wagon luckily survived in-tact. There are some bumps & bruises but the car is largely original with the important components still in place. The body has had some touch ups but overall it is still quite solid. The only obvious rust is in the rear of the driver’s front fender and in the tail gate on the driver’s side, see pics. The rear quarter panels have had rust repairs. The rockers appear to be in good condition. The floors are in good condition as are the frame rails. This is a uni-body car. There are some dings in the moldings, but they appear to all be present.


Inside the interior is quite impressive as a luxurious option for the day. The 3 rows of bench seats allow you to comfortably seat 8 passengers in style. There is of course wear on the front seat and some minor wear on the second row seat. The rear fold down seat in the back appears to be in very good condition. Expect the normal wear of a 55 year old car on the original door panels and carpet.


The V8 Engine looks like the top end was recently rebuilt, we did not get any receipts or documents to support the claim. The machine work on the deck of the block is clean, a single paint in black and what appear to be fresh gaskets & silicone would support the claim though. The 2 Barrel Carburetor works well & appears to have been rebuilt with new gaskets visible. The exhaust system was recently replaced and is in excellent condition. The engine does run very well and has no problem hauling this wagon around. The push button transmission is a fun Mopar trademark that works well.


This wagon features both Power Steering and Power Brakes. Both systems work well and the car is surprisingly easy to drive. The steering is light and the brakes work nicely.


We have put about 25 miles of drive time on this one and it has performed well. With that said we always recommend a thorough inspection of all systems before putting this one on the road as a daily driver or a cross country trip. The speedometer and temp gauges work properly. The wipers & heater all work properly. The hot water valve for the heater also appears to have been recently replaced. The only system not currently working properly is the fuel gauge.


Wagons have been wildly popular for years. The big wagons of the 50’s & 60’s have led the movement. This big Mopar is a unique survivor from the era that will provide you with tons of conversation & admiration.


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