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1967 Bronco


289 V8

Factory 3 Speed Transmission

Brand New 15x8 US Mag Wheels

Brand New 31" Tires

Fun Driver!

This Bronco sits in a fun spot. It still gets a ton of attention thanks to the fact that its a Vintage Bronco, but also the 'Patina' seems to just draw people in. The 289 was the upgraded engine over the standard 6 cylinder. 

This is a good looking Bronco. The Rangoon Red and Wimbledon White paint scheme is a classic look. The older paint repairs that no longer match only make for more personality. This one could easily be driven as is. If you want to take it to another level it would appear that this would be an excellent candidate as there are no obvious signs of serious body damage in its history. The top appears to be quite solid as well.

Under the hood this appears to be the original 289 with an assembly date of 6K24 which would be October 24, 1966 and lines up with the October production build of this Bronco. We did clean the engine up and treated it to a repaint, it is not rebuilt though. The mileage on the odometer is believed to be original at 80k miles. The engine and its supporting staff would appear to back that up. However, the engine does have some crank case pressure that would indicate it is nearing time for a rebuild. It still runs well and has none of the knocks or ticks associated with a worn out motor.

The 3 speed 'RAT' manual transmission shifts properly. The clutch does have a minor chatter that Broncos are known for. The clutch holds fine.


The body is overall quite solid by Bronco standards. The floors have the typical rust that have been treated to some 'Superior' aluminum floor panels. The rockers are solid and the door posts appear to be good as well.


If your interested, give us a call @ (360) 863-2241

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