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1972 Dodge Challenger


Gorgeous Paint on this one!

Beautiful White & Black Interior!

High Quality Build!

Excellent Street Manners!


Strong Running 440!

Crisp Shifting 727!


Time Slip Verified 12.1 Second 1/4 Mile Car!

When you talk about a low 12 second Muscle Car you get visions of a stripped interior, shoddy paint, Summit Racing stickers and an aftermarket hood scoop. What you don't expect is a stock looking body, clean white interior and a fully functioning drive-it-anywhere car. This car has run a best of 11.84 at 115mph so it can easily hold its own. It has been tastefully built to perform and enjoy. It fires up easily, has a great lope to the idle, a deep growl to the exhaust and excellent fit & finish.

The body on this one was done right. Panels align well, the paint has a very deep shine, coverage is clean throughout including the trunk and door jams. The chrome and bright trim in great shape. Take this one to you local Mopar show or the 1/4 mile and be proud at either.

Inside, the interior is very nice. The dash is clean, door panels are very nice, console has the 'Slap Stick' with a nice bezel and handle, interior upholstery is very clean and fits excellent. The front seat belts have been converted to modern 3 point retracting units eliminating the fixed factory units so there are some marks in the headliner where the old shoulder belts mounted. A new headliner is included should you want to cover them.

Under the hood a 440 has been well massaged and belts out over 400 horsepower. It fires up easily and revs like a trip hammer. You could easily mistake this quick revving big block for a small block, until you put the car in gear and feel the torque that the big block churns out. The engine was balanced so it feels buttery smooth everywhere. Driving this car just makes you happy. There is prodigious power at any point in the RPM range. The exhaust note is crisp. This is a very fun engine.

The 727 works very well. With just a mild stall you are never insulated from the torque. The shift kit is nice and firm, but not abusive.

The 8 3/4" differential is of course a Sure Grip with 3.91 gearing. It works great making sure power is distributed to both tires evenly. The Cal-Trac traction bars help keep the tires hooking and not cooking.

There is so much to like about this car we couldn't list it all here. Please feel free to call us to go over it!!!








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