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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302



Marti Report Verified Boss 302

Factory Shaker Ram Air Option

Factory Decor Interior

Factory In-Dash Tachometer

Factory Fold Down Rear Seat

Factory Rear Window Louvers

This Boss is a really cool opportunity. It has all the good looks and the Boss 302 pedigree without the huge price normally associated with the breed. Some time long ago this car received some major work. Basically the cowl back was replaced with an extremely nice donor. It still wears its original VIN numbers, Boss 302 shock towers with factory VIN stampings, original rear sway bar body mounts, original staggered shock plate body bracket so the body contains the important pieces. The prior 2 owners reported no knowledge of the work and the car had been inspected twice at Mustang restoration shops without anyone spotting the metal rework as it was done very nicely at the original spot welds. Pretty much any inspection on this car would never find signs of the work done. The initial indicator was when the carpet was pulled up for a very small floor pan repair there was none of the original yellow paint, only the donor cars medium metallic blue. Close inspection of spot welds was the confirmation of the work done.

The prior rework actually makes this one more fun. This car isn't destined to become a concours show car. Now it is free to proudly live as its designers intended. Shredding road courses, feeling the triple-digit-mph wind in its grill all the while carrying the Boss 302 Heritage.

The paint presents well but is older with plenty of imperfections that will have you unconcerned with stone chips or being caught out in the rain. The panels are straight and there are no obvious signs of rust or prior body damage. This one is best described as a '10-footer'.

Inside the interior looks great. The seat upholstery, dash pad and carpet have been replaced with quality reproductions. The original dash bezels still look surprisingly nice. The factory tachometer works nicely and really adds to the driving experience.

This Boss has obviously been 'previously enjoyed'. The drive-train has been changed out to a 70' Quench Headed 351 Cleveland that has a reported 1500 miles on the rebuild. It has a nice lope to the idle and great power. The 4 speed transmission is not the original unit but shifts nicely through the Factory Style Hurst Shifter. The 9" differential no longer houses the 3.91 Nodular unit but has a comfortable street ratio now.

The Magnum 500's appear to be originals. There is some minor pitting on them but they look great wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. The fronts are 235 60 15's and the rear are 255 60 15's. They fit excellent and do not rub.


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