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1972 Bronco


Builder Bronco!
Excellent Running 302 V8
Power Steering
Front Disc Brakes
Heavy Duty C6 Automatic Transmission
Heavy Duty Dana 44 Front Axle
Heavy Duty Full Floater 9" Rear Axle

Looking for your next project? This one is indeed a project. It does run and lot drive. It will need a bit of work before it graces the highways & byways though. What this one does have makes it better suited for an off-road enthusiast. However, it could go a number of directions. Read on and see if this is a good fit for you.

Body wise, this one has many of the obvious Bronco issues but not to an alarming degree. Each area is repairable or easy enough to live with for an off road adventurer. The photo set should answer your questions. Obviously the doors will need fit but they were only installed for pictures. If you see something we missed, please let us know and we can get that for you.

Inside this one is all business. A single seat is all that this one is equipped with. A custom dash was installed with aftermarket gauges. The project stalled out before the wiring could be done. The Currently the system is powered up by a toggle and fired with a push-button. Obviously there is work to be done but right now it fires up and does work. The roll cage is a 6-point unit.

Under the hood the 302 fires up nicely and runs well. It sounds healthy with a good deep note. We have no history on the engine. It is equipped with an aluminum intake, brand new Holley 600cfm carb and electronic ignition. The transmission is a heavy duty C6 unit mated to a Dana 20 transfer case. The transmission goes into gear quickly but the modulator will need an adjustment or replacement. It stays in 1st gear too long. 

The axles have been upgraded. The front is a GM Dana 44 with Disc Brakes. Out back a 9" has been fitted with a heavy duty 9" N-Case Nodular housing and full floater axles. Gearing is not stock, maybe 4.88's? 

So, obviously this one is a project. The tires are older than most high school students and have more cracks than a plumbing convention. The brakes do 'brake' but not exceedingly well enough to avoid most catastrophes. It does run and drive. Does that mean you should jump in & drive it on the road...NO you shouldn't...please don't. It just might not end well. This one needs some love & attention before you hit the streets or trails (read that tires, brake work, steering & suspension inspections, electrical work and more). 

VIN: U15GLN09123
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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