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1972 Ford Bronco Offroad Build


5.0l Fuel Injected V8

Overdrive Automatic Transmission

Power Steering

Disc Brakes

ARB Front and Rear Diff Lockers

Hydraulic Winch

MTR Kevlar Tires

This is the perfect base for your Ultimate Off Road Adventure Build! Tons of time, effort and dollars have already been spent on this one. With this Bronco you are getting some serious hardware on a solid running and driving rig. While this one fires up easily, runs, drives, stops, etc we are selling it as a project needing finishing. You get to decide which way to go whether it be a street princess, trail rig or something in between.

The body obviously has its bumps & bruises and the paint is non-existent. But for your build why pay for shiny paint you plan on sanding or scraping off? This one has had some amateur rust repairs on the floors as seen in the pictures. The rockers are dinged up with some rust showing on the passenger side for/aft of the door post, the drivers side looks good rust wise. 

The engine is a fuel injected 5.0 from an F150. These 302's used a longer runner intake manifold that produced better low end torque than the Mustang style intakes. The engine runs excellent and has great torque. The transmission is a 4-Speed Overdrive Transmission that has had a shift kit installed for firmer shifts. It is a stronger transmission than the stock style Bronco C4 with the advantage of an overdrive. Advanced Adapters hardware mates the factory style Dana 20 transfer case to the automatic. We were not provided with any mileage statements or rebuild history on either of these. With the EFI being a factory Ford set up this Bronco behaves like an OEM Ford. Just let the fuel pump cycle, hit the key and the engine fire up incredibly well hot or cold. The engine has excellent oil pressure 80psi cold and about 40psi warm. The engine and transmission do function quite well and power this Bronco easily with surprising acceleration and very comfortable rpm's at 60mph.

The front axle is a Dana 44 and the rear is a 9". Both have been reportedly rebuilt with 4.56 gears and ARB Air Lockers. The air lockers are plumbed but the air pump has not been installed or wired in, though it is included. The switches are located on the back of the automatic shifter housing. If you are not familiar with the ARB units they allow the axles to perform as stock units (powers 1 wheel) until you lock them in and then they power both wheels like a true locker. You can lock each axle individually (front or rear) as well as locking both axles for extreme off roading. 

The suspension has been upgraded with a coil over conversion. This conversion allows for some extreme suspension travel for the front axle. It also allows for a ton of height adjustment. The rear axle still uses the factory style leaf springs.

A hydraulic winch has been installed under the custom front bumper. The switch valve for it is mounted and plumbed but the electrical will need to be wired in. This is a really cool option that allows for continuous use without overheating like an electric winch. Also, there are no electrical connections at the winch to ever corrode.

The tires are 35" x 12.50" Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar MTR's. These are some of the toughest tires made and are extremely puncture resistant for your off road adventures. They still have about 90% of their tread.

Electrical wise it seems to be in order. The headlights, wipers, heater motor and charging system all seem to work properly.

The cooling system has been upgraded with a huge radiator that is cooled by both an engine driven fan and an electric auxiliary fan. The inner fenders have also been trimmed for air flow so this one should be quite comfortable staying cool.

This is being sold as a Project Bronco. There are projects to do like wiring in the winch and ARB locker systems. The heater motor works but the cables are sticky so they will need to be lubed. The rear fuel tank was removed for a larger fuel tank that was not purchased yet so only the front tank is installed. For the most part it seems to be a good driver but I would recommend some inspection and servicing prior to any serious use.


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