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1969 Bronco


Un-Cut Survivor

Original Caribbean Turquoise Paint

Desirable Parchment Interior

Excellent Running 302

Crisp Shifting 3 Speed Transmission

Freshly Serviced Brakes

New Tires

This Bronco sits in a great place. It is still largely original with very few changes since new. Overall it is quite solid and overall pretty close to rust free. There was a touch up on the driver's door ages ago otherwise it appears to be original paint. There is of course the thin paint, chips and scratches so lovingly referred to as 'Patina'. There is they typical rust in the upper corners of the engine compartment and a small crack forming on the drivers kick panel. There is a dent in the driver's rocker panel behind the rocker molding. The only major work done on this one was the professional replacement of the front floor pans. Otherwise the panels all remain original to the Bronco.


We did replace the bumpers due to a few extra holes from a trailer hitch and what looked to be a tow bar. The rocker molding was missing on one side as were the hubcaps with the exception of the spare. We replaced these with new reproductions. These new units are from Tom's Broncos and are of a much higher quality than the common reproductions available.


Inside the interior has had a rear seat added and at some point the driver's seat was replaced with another Parchment Bronco seat. The original floor mat is still in amazing condition and a testament to how little this one was used.


The 302 runs excellent and is believed to be the untouched original other than the added 4 barrel intake and Holley carburetor. It has surprisingly good power and feels well balanced on the highway. The clutch does have the typical chatter since coming out of storage. The transmission both up-shifts and down-shifts nicely. The 9" diff does have a gear noise noticeable on the drive side of the gear though it is quiet on deceleration and coast. It is a 3.50 ratio, non Trac-Lock.


The brakes just received new wheel cylinders and a master cylinder. The brakes work properly, meaning they require effort, and should be fine for years to come.


The tires have less than 500 miles on them and are in excellent condition.

​You could easily drive this one as is while taking care of the small projects you deem necessary or go with a full blown restoration.

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