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1965 Mercury Comet Caliente



A Code V8 4V
Automatic Transmission
Bucket Seats
Nice Chrome!
Door Tag
Intermittent Wipers

We found this one living out it's easy life in the dry mountains of Montana. When we got it in, we simply washed the dust off of it and took it out driving. The 289 V8 4V Engine still purrs like a kitten when you start this Merc up and go for a ride.

It's a car that's still in remarkable shape for it's age. The original car owner's booklet is in the glove box and you can tell that it was well cared for and loved for the past 52 years. This one has so many original items still on the car, and we were absolutely amazed to find the original paper build sheet still in the trunk, under what looks to be the original mat!

The chrome is outstanding and generally free of the pitting and scarring that is found on so many of these early Mercury cars. Lots of Comets require chrome replacement or costly refinishing, this one is just fine to drive and enjoy. The original wire loom is still on many of the wires under the hood, and looks to be in immaculate condition.

The car came with the rare option of intermittent wipers. Though they do not work at the moment, they may be able to be coaxed back to some life, as all of the original parts appear to be intact.

This is a great one for the purist that wants it to look much like it did in 1965. Don't miss out!

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