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1964 Cobra!




Gorgeous Guardsman Red Paint


Luxurious Black Leather Interior


Jaguar Style Independent Rear Suspension


9” Differential with 3.00 Traction Lock


4-Wheel Disc with Rear Inboard Braking


Independent Front Suspension with Rack & Pinion


Powerful 428 Cobra Jet with Aluminum Heads


Factory Ford 427 Dual Quad Intake Manifold


Solid Lifter Camshaft with Roller Rockers


Crisp Shifting C6 Automatic Transmission


I have always wanted an AC Cobra, always. Pretty much any Red Blooded American has too. If you don’t…enjoy your lemon grass shake and keep it to your bicycle riding, Birkenstock wearing self.

This car embodies everything that was cool about America in the 60’s. Take the smallest & lightest car you can find and wedge in the biggest, baddest engine you can find. Who cares that the original design could actually melt your shoes to the floor. That’s how this car was born…and we liked it.

With original 427 Cobras fetching in the cool million $ range, I think it’s safe to say anything that looks and performs like the original for 5% of the price is a bargain. If fact, if you did wreck it or even lost it in a poker game you would still be ahead $950,000. Don’t think too hard about that last part. Just follow along.

The body is of course a high quality reproduction done in thick fiberglass. The Guardsman Red paint is the perfect color for this car. With a deep, blood red color it just feels right. The white stripes give it just the right amount of contrast. There are some small chips and imperfections from being driven but overall it presents nicely. The windshield is a just a bit taller than many of the kits. This is highly appreciated out on the road. Many kits have a short swept back windshield that literally exposes the passengers’ foreheads above the windscreen. This puts the windshield top right into your view and imagine taking a bumble bee to your forehead at 90mph.

Inside, the simple no-nonsense interior is in good condition. The seats are very comfortable and hold you in nicely. Not like you could really move even if you wanted though. The dash if finished out nicely with a full complement of Ford Emblazoned custom gauges. The Lokar shifter comes up in the perfect spot and works with a LED system to always let you know which gear you are in.

Under that tiny hood lies the beast within. It is reported to be a 428 Cobra Jet that has been stuffed with Eagle H-Beam Rods, Custom .030 Ross Racing Pistons, Coated Bearings, ARP Studs, Windage Tray, Solid Lifter Camshaft, Adjustable Roller Rocker Arms, Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Heads and topped off with a Factory 427 Dual Quad Intake Manifold with a total of 1200cfm of Holley Carbs. The engine runs excellent and has surprisingly good manners. The sound is amazing though. With the big side pipes and the aggressive cam it is almost intoxicating. Sitting at an idle the car moves to the lope of the cam, very cool at a stop light. This car is insanely fun to drive. Near Warp Speed is just a squeeze of the throttle away. It is amazing how well this car grips too. I have yet to break the tires loose. It always seems to be a test of nerves. You could just mat the pedal, but if it did spin which way would you go, how fast would it happen & just who would be watching? These questions do go through your mind every time you think about it.

Now some people will say that it should have a 4 speed. These are the people who have never driven or owned one. The foot-well in these cars is about the width of a shoebox (not really kidding about that either). You wonder how they could fit 3 pedals down there. Seriously, there isn’t room if you wear anything larger than a socks. To prove the point, Carol Shelby built only 2 supercharged Cobras & both were automatics. There really is no easy way to work both feet and try to point & shoot 500+ horsepower. The C6 in this car has been nicely built with a firm crisp shift and it really feels right for the car. It upshifts and downshifts at the precise time you want & need them to. One drive and you will understand.

The Powder-Coated Chassis is a rectangular tube design that is very stout with a large upswing just behind the cockpit for some interior protection. The suspension consists of a Mustang II style front with Rack & Pinion Steering. In back a Jaguar Independent style is used. It includes dual coil over shocks on both sides to control any would-be wheel hop and provide easy height adjustment. The system really works well on acceleration with a quick squat and launch. It handles very flat without body roll. The frame appears to be very, well ‘Robust’ for a car of this size. It feels very stable with a nice firm ride, but definitely not a jarring one. Comfortable enough for longer cruises and rallies.

A 9” differential is packed in the middle of that Jaguar suspension for the ultimate in durability. The system works very well and the tires really feel planted to the pavement thanks to the Traction-Lock Differential. The gearing is 3.00, and again some will say “why not” 3.89’s? Well when your car only weighs about 2,000lbs and you have 500 lb/ft of torque, you really don’t need the steep gear. This car feels crisp & ready everywhere. Incredible torque off the line and a super willing transmission that shifts intuitively to the right gear. The RPM’s climb and the shifts really are perfectly timed. Freeway cruising is a breeze with about a 2100 rpm range at 60. The balanced engine is highly appreciated too.

The wheels are a Halibrand inspired wheel. The rears are 15x10” with 295 60 15’s. Up front they are 7” wide with 235 60 15’s. They all fit nicely and give the car a good vintage look and just enough flash.

This is one of those cars that you typically don’t buy to commute with, but I have been. Just getting into it to go to work you almost feel like you are breaking into a theme park and taking a roller coaster on private run. You can’t help but smile. Every morning I can’t wait to for the drive to work. This car is very fulfilling to drive, behaves very well in traffic and with 500+ horsepower I even get in a bit early.

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