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1966 Mustang


Gorgeous Tahoe Turquoise '66
Extremely Solid Body
Crisp Black Interior
Economical 6 Cylinder Engine
Pertronix Electronic Ignition System
Factory Power Steering
Factory Automatic Transmission

Looking for a classic but want to save a few bucks at the pump? Take a good look at this '66. It has a great look and about as rust-free of a car as you will see. It is sporting what appears to be it's super-economical 'born-with' 200 cid inline 6 cylinder. It was optioned with a super desirable automatic transmission and power steering. It doesn't get much easier to drive than this car.

This car presents quite well with an older repaint. The paint shines nicely with a deep glossy reflection. It does have some small dings & scratches here and for the most part you have to go looking for them. The most obvious is some cracking from an old repair on top of the driver's quarter panel. Rust wise, there doesn't appear to be any significant rust on this car. The floors are currently covered in 56 years of protective road grime. A simple cleaner and a wipe reveals some of the nicest & vibrant Red Oxide painted floors you will ever see. Take a look at the pics. Frame rails and torque boxes are all in excellent condition.

Inside the interior is a mix of an older restoration and original components. It presents quite well with nice comfortable seating. The carpet and door panels show some wear but nothing worth replacing. It's an authentic classic car feel.

Under the hood the 200 cid 6 cylinder has a FoMoCo stamped assembly date of December 29th 1965. The car's assembly date is January 10th 1966. Since Ford didn't VIN stamp these cars the date is the give away. The engine was assembled within the 2 week sweet spot to be identified as original. The engine fires right up and powers the Mustang around fine. However, upon inspection there are signs the engine is getting weak. There is some excess crank-case pressure. There is no exhaust smoke observed yet though. 6 cylinders are one of the toughest and long-lived engines out there and it could go years before needing rebuilt but the signs are there. The C4 transmission is the correct 'Green Dot' variety and works excellent.

Recent work to the front suspension and steering are quite obvious through how the car drives and also underneath. Visible inspection show the Power Steering Control Valve, hydraulic hoses, tie rod ends, lower control arms, sway bar bushings and upper ball joints have all been recently replaced. The car drives amazingly tight and precise.

To sum this one up it is a good, solid car that will need some attention at some point for the engine and its advanced age. Currently it runs and drives as it should. 200 6's are relatively inexpensive to rebuild and we do have a local rebuilder we can refer if needed. 

VIN: 6R07T151829
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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