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1969 Cobra


Marti Report Verified
R-Code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air

Factory Black Jade Paint
Factory Black Bench Interior
Factory 'N' Case Differential
Correct Cast Iron Tailhousing
Correct R-Servo

 A little history for you. The Cobra was Ford's answer to the Road Runner. Advertisements showed the Cobra next to a 'cartoon' car with a jab here and there. The competition was good for the brands as it made all the cars better. The 'Fairlane' was formidable with the Cobra Jet finally and made a reputation on the street that the 390 couldn't muster.

The car was repainted about 5 years ago then left under a car cover. subsequently the paint suffered and now has blisters from the non-breathable car cover. Call this one a 20-footer as it really does look great driving by, but get close and the bubbles & imperfections become visible. It could easily be enjoyed as is for a time but really begs for a repaint. Thankfully, this one is a really solid example. The body panels line up quite well and the normal rust & panel replacement really isn't there on the car. Any work should be straight forward & easy. 

Inside the interior is nice & tidy. Really nothing needs to be done in here as it was replaced when the car was repainted. The bench is quite utilitarian and the upholstery is all base-model. The bench seat is actually lighter than the bucket seats. The cloth upholstery is lighter (and cheaper) than the vinyl. If you wanted a sleeper in the day this is how you ordered one. 

Under the hood the super rare 428 Ram Air air cleaner is still in place. The 428 does not wear any identification VIN so it is probably a replacement. The block does carry the correct C scratch, the heads are C8OE-N's with 427 style adjustable rockers, C8O intake, CJ exhaust manifolds, etc. The block has a May of 68 casting date which would be early for the car but many 69'
s took their motors from the first batch of CJ blocks. Some as much as 9 months after the block casting date. Without a stamped VIN it is considered a non numbers block though. The C6 transmission has receipts for the rebuild. It still wears the cast iron tail housing and R servo specific to the Cobra Jet. The engine runs well and the transmission shifts properly.

The only surprising option on the car is that it originally came with air conditioning which was at some point removed. The under-hood components were removed and are no longer with the car. Several companies offer under-hood kits with modern compressors for 134 at surprisingly affordable pricing. 

Both steering and braking are all manual on this one.

This car didn't get a wheel option so it made due with the base 'dog dish' hubcaps on steel wheels. 


VIN: 9A46R163046
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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