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1968 Corvette


Numbers Matching 435 Horsepower 427

Factory Triple 2 Barrel Holley Carbs

Factory 4 Speed Transmission

Factory 4-Wheel Disc Brakes

This Corvette sits in a unique spot. Many years ago in a garage far, far away...

This was originally a convertible Corvette as the VIN and title would indicate. At some point the convertible top was removed probably from accident damage. Upon close inspection inside the rear wheel wells the joint can be seen. Why they chose to repair the car with a non convertible is not known. The frame appears to be the original with the tell-tale big block indicators like the factory rear sway bar still in place. We did clean the rear frame rail on the driver's side with some steel wool but could not locate the factory VIN stamping. The A-pillar factory VIN is still there and shows no signs of tampering. The engine still clearly shows its original numbers matching stampings including the engine designation and VIN stamping.

The body itself presents nicely with an older repaint. The moldings and trim appear to be original GM units and with even wear. The front bumper appears to be an original in good condition, the rear bumpers are nicer and would either be re-chromed originals or reproductions. The paint was not a high quality job but does present well. It does have some imperfections from age such as small stone chips and some small bubbles around the drivers headlight door. A light wet-sand and polish would really brighten the car up.

Inside the interior is mostly original with the exception of a new carpet kit. The seats do show some wear but overall the car presents as a survivor. The gauges work (with the exception of the clock), power windows work, heater motor works (though the duct is stuck on defrost), Telescoping Steering Column works nicely, etc. This is a very functional car.

Under the hood the 435 Horsepower rated 427 is factory equipped with 3 Holley 2 barrel carburetors! The engine appears to be an all stock survivor with its original 'IR' suffix code and Numbers Matching VIN Stamping. It still runs well and has great power.

The 4-Speed Muncie is the original numbers matching unit. The shifter feels great and the clutch has a nice engagement.

The electrical system appears to be in order. The alternator charges, there are not any current draws, all lights work properly including the vacuum headlight doors.

This very rare car in a unique position. Right now it can be enjoyed as an incredibly fun and Iconic Muscle Car. It does have a great pedigree but would need some serious restoration work to regain its full value of $101k as a #1 car.





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