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1950 Ford F-100 Pickup truck


All American Flathead V8 with a 4-speed Manual Transmission

Very clean and straight looking truck

The Exterior looks great with straight lines. This is an older repaint and does show a few blemishes throughout as well as sun-fade on the top surface of the truck. Very minimal rust bubbles are seen (worst is on front lower corner of driver door) but the lower cab corners, floor, bed, fenders and all other common spots are very solid! The Passenger Window and vent window are cracked, and the rear window shows light delamination but all other glass is good.

The Interior has been refreshed with carpet and the cushy bench seat has been recovered in a brown leather. A Later model radio has been installed, but is an older unit and could be upgraded.


This truck has a very simple electrical design and all the lights inside and out do work good, The only thing currently is no blower fan operation but all components are there and will likely be a simple fix.

The Engine runs great, and you honestly have to ask yourself "Is this even running?" it is that smooth. The transmission shifts good, and the Granny low 1st gear will pull a house off it's foundation.

This Truck is stock design and does drive like you would expect a truck from the 50's to drive, but with the optional 4 speed it gives you better gearing and the ability to cruise on today's roads. 

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