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1966 Chevelle SS396


Factory 138 VIN Super Sport
Factory Bucket Seats & Console
4 Speed Muncie
Excellent Running Big Block
12-Bolt Differential

Great looking car, solid body and a stout big block!

It's not an easy task finding a real deal 138 car that hasn't been butchered or patch paneled beyond recognition. This '66 has somehow survived with what appears to be all of its original unibody in tact. The floors, quarters, roof & rear deck all still appear to be original...and best of good solid condition. Obviously its been repainted...a couple of times. There are a couple of layers of paint and perhaps its time to do it all over again. One thing though, you will not be spending months patching rust or sanding off buckets of bondo. These panels all appear to be straight and quite solid. The doors open & close nicely too. 

Inside the interior looks great with the rare & desirable bucket seat arrangement complete with a very rare 4 speed console. Seats are super comfortable and look so much better than the standard 'sofa bench'. The interior was restored some time back and while there is some minor wear, it still presents quite well.

Under the hood lives an excellent running 396 with an upgraded cam and an aluminum intake manifold. Packing just enough cam to give a good chop to the idle but not so much to cause issues. Just touch the key and it roars to life with a beautiful exhaust note that makes you smile every time you start it. The Muncie 4 speed is equipped with a Hurst shifter with that perfect feel. Both the upshifts & downshifts come with a crisp engagement and the clutch works beautifully easy.

Wheels are 15" Rally Wheels wrapped with white letter tires.
Out back lives the SS mandated 12-bolt differential.

VIN: 138176K122986

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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