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1970 Cougar Eliminator




This is one of the rarest of all the Boss cars. With only 323 Boss 302 Eliminators for 1970, chances are you will not be passing yourself on the highway or at your local cruise. This Boss Cat should very well be a 1 of 1 car. With factory Competition Orange Paint, Black Houndstooth Interior and a very bare bones option list it is not your typical car. The big shocker, and we have never seen this, is the factory drum brakes on an Eliminator.

Obviously this car is in serious need of restoration. It is missing most of the original Eliminator specific components. No engine or transmission is included. There is extensive rust as well as the obvious body damage. The quarter panels and rear frame rails were replaced just above the axle. Please take a good look at the pictures. What you see here is what the car comes with. The staggered shock plate was removed but a nice original does come with the car.


We have located a Boss 302 service short block (complete with camshaft & lifters, ran well when removed) for $2800 and can pass on the owners number to the buyer.

The Toploader 4 speed used in the Boss 302 cars was the same as the common 351 Windsor and Cleveland units so there is no rare transmission to track down. All toploaders in 70 also came equipped with Hurst shifters & linkage.

Once restored this car could be worth the effort for a capable buyer with the knowledge and tools to do the job. Restored Eliminators have sold for well over $100k. Recently a 428CJ car sold for $150k at auction and Boss 302's are a bit rarer.

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