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1974 Bronco


Rare Un-Cut Bronco

Great 'Survivor' Look

Edelbrock Fuel Injected 302

Overdrive Automatic Transmission

Power Front Disc Brakes

Power Steering

This is a great looking Bronco that can do many things a $100k Bronco just can't. Take for instance that parking spot at the very front & right next to the cart return. Yep, this one can do that spot. $250k ICON, nope, not on the box boy's life. Blaze a trail to the beach? Yep...and you can bet this one has probably seen a bush or two. However, this one OWNS the scratches, nicks & dings that give it an authentic look you just can't reproduce.

The body obviously is...well...experienced. Not a rust bucket or high speed crash victim but it has seen some use over its 46 years on the road and wears it well. The paint does shine and the funky '74 graphics are wildly popular. There is some rust in the common areas like the front floor to toe board area and in the engine compartment corners as nearly all Broncos do. All is repairable but this one can be driven as is without the risk of losing your cell phone through missing floor parts (don't laugh, its happened).  

Inside the interior is the funky fun Ginger with cloth inserts. Again, there is plenty of wear from years of enjoyment. This is a guilt free interior. Eat your burgers, lose a fry or two and don't abandon your child at a rest area for spilling a soda. Try that in your custom cloth insert $10k interior. 

Under the hood some magic has happened. Nobody will argue Broncos have plenty of eyeball. Absolutely anybody with a pulse is going to know that the factory 302's 125 horsepower (yes, you read that right) is downright tragic. This 302 has been upgraded with an aluminum intake manifold, long tube ceramic headers, high flow dual exhaust, MSD Ignition with Billet Distributor and an Edelbrock E-Street Fuel Injection set up. While this one isn't a GT500, it does perform surprisingly well. Cold starts are easy and so are hot ones. Just cycle the key & fire it up. 

The factory C4 automatic transmission was replaced with an Overdrive Automatic that works quite well. Freeway cruising is incredibly easy thanks to the extra gear. 60 miles per hour is barely over an idle.

The options don't end there either. This '74 has Power Steering AND Power Front Disc Brakes. This one is an easy predictable driver for just about any experience level. We have it on poor authority that the factory manual drum brakes and manual steering in California traffic is how Arnold Schwarzenegger physically trained in the 70's (its also where he got the shocked expression for Total Recall when the drum brakes faded away).  



VIN: U15GLT83285

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.


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