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1971 Ford Bronco Sport



302ci V8

3-Speed Manual

Hardtop Included

Here we have an excellent Bronco project for sale at a discounted price. This Bronco does Run and Drive and was even used to work on the farm the day before we picked it up. Some TLC will be needed before street use, but this Bronco fires up quickly and runs well, clutch feels good, etc. All of the accessories seem to work too such as heat and wipers, even the back up lights! The Windshield is cracked but all the other glass is in good shape, including the glass in the Hardtop.


The Body is straight and lines up good, however this Bronco does have rust in the typical places, including floors, rear pan, tailgate, door posts, inner fenders, etc. The Passenger door post will need immediate attention as the door tends to dislodge itself when opening it. Have a look at the the pictures for more details about the rust.

The Interior is rather simple, as most original Bronco's are. The Front and Rear Seats do match and the headliner is a custom padded design. Lights and speakers have been added and, of course, we had to leave the footprint gas pedal.

The Engine is a 302ci with an Rare Vintage F4B Edelbrock Intake and a 4 BBL Carb. As stated above it fires up quickly and runs well. The Coolant is clean and green with no rusty muck seen in the radiator, also the engine internals appear to be surprisingly clean. The Transmission is a 3-speed Manual column shift and seems to shift well. The Brakes do work but feel spongy and would likely need a good inspection, clean and adjustment.

Overall this is a good Bronco if your looking for a running driving project to start with. Metal work on these old Bronco's can be much simpler then other cars and all the sheetmetal components are readily available from multiple manufacturers.

If your interested, Give us a call at (360) 863-2241

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