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1973 Bronco


 Old School Bronco!
Excellent Running 302 4 Barrel
Crisp Shifting C4 Automatic Transmission
Power Front Disc Brakes
Power Steering
3.5" Suspension Lift

Looking at this Bronco brings you back 30 years. Back to a time when Broncos were just hunting & off road rigs not worthy of the 6-figure Barrett-Jackson stage, no matter of condition. Obviously this one isn't in any danger of gracing the collector car main stage in its current condition. However, it does have some desirable options to go with that 'Early Bronco' nameplate. As a new owner you could guilt-free enjoy it as it is, bounce around a trail in Moab, get down & dirty in a mud pit or go play in the sand before embarking on a full-on restoration or custom build.

OK, so she's not a beauty queen. She's knocking on 50's door and it doesn't look like she has missed many parties. Her paint is peeling, she's got rust in her door posts and her moldings that used to shine so brightly...don't. Thanks to current technology (the aftermarket) you can save her. From repair panels to quality moldings & weather-strip, there isn't a piece you can't replace with a quality unit. Granted it all comes with a cost but Broncos are one of the very few classics that you can actually get a positive return on your dollar.

Under the hood she still has it. The 302 fires up crazy easy and runs excellent. The C4 Automatic transmission goes into gear quick and shifts nicely though the shifter requires a bit of effort. The Power Disc Brakes are a very desirable option...braking is smooth and positive. Steering feels pretty tight though the tires are older bias ply's which are great off road but leave something to be desired for street use.

The suspension lift is a 2.5" that allows for better driving than a pure 5" suspension lift. To get that extra room for the big 36 12.50 tires a 3" body lift was used. If you are looking for an off-road adventure, this one could deliver. 


VIN: U15GLQ57070
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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