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1960 Edsel Ranger




Now this is a cool classic car that you don't see every day.  A running and driving 1960 Edsel! Scarcely 1,200 of these classic space flight era cars were ever made and from that number, who knows how many have actually survived the crusher? 


Edsel as a marque has a bit of a sorted history, and although the car was named after Henry Ford's own son, the model was ultimately doomed to failure and by 1959, the writing was on the wall. Just 2,846 Edsels of all body styles were made in the last throes of production in 1959 making these cars scarce even when they were delivered in the fall of '59. 


Arguably the most striking of the Edsel designs, these cars wore some of the styling queues of the space age with subdued fins on the rear and wraparound glass domes giving the driver a wide sweeping view. 


This Edsel has seen an older re-paint that looks presentable with a few minor drips, scratches and nicks. The two tone red & white color scheme really sets it apart and gives it a striking appeal. The red vinyl and black pebble cloth seats are in great shape for it's age, though there is a poke and pull here and there on the fabric. The dash looks great with just a few signs of wear. Door panels still look fresh and there is no obvious rust around the door edges or sills. The Edsel tag is present on the driver's side and it looks to be in amazing shape. The VIN is decoded below for more data on what the car came with new. 


The gauges appear to work well as does the clock. The radio was billed as 'working' when we bought the car, but I have not been able to get it to receive stations, though some slight buzzing sound can be heard. The wipers work, though they are a bit slow until the vacuum pressure builds up a bit. The air circulator fan works and blows in outside air. 


The automatic transmission shifts out nicely and the car drives down the road as it should. Brakes may need some servicing in the future, but they do stop the car. 


Overall this car is in amazing shape for it's age and should stand the test of time as a beautiful car to drive and collect. If you'd like any further pictures or videos, please feel free to contact us at 360-863-2241 and we'll be happy to accomodate your request. 



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