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1969 Plymouth Roadrunner


Factory ‘RM’ Vin Verified Roadrunner

Brand New Performance Built & Balanced Roller Cam 440

Pistol Grip 4-Speed Transmission

3.91 Ratio Sure-Grip 8 ¾ Rear Differential

Brand New Power Front Disc Brakes

Brand New American Racing 17/18” Wheel Package

Massive 285 40 Goodyear F1 Supercar Rear Tires

When you think of fun Muscle Cars of the late 60’s no car personifies it better than the Roadrunner. Plymouth got together with Warner Bros and really went were no other manufacturer had gone before. The Roadrunner was always a step ahead of the Coyote thanks to his blistering speed. Able to outrun rockets, falling boulders & any other diabolical plan imaginable by Wile E. Coyote, the self proclaimed ‘Super Genius’.

The product was a low cost, light on options, big block powered Muscle Car complete with actual cartoon Roadrunner decals and a ‘Meep Meep’ horn. For Plymouth, and the rest of us, it was a huge success. These cars were affordable and deadly on the street when properly optioned.

This is a great looking example that exudes what was so cool about them 47 years ago when they debuted. It looks great, hauls butt and isn’t a garage bound beauty queen. It is more of good looking blue collar street brawler. The paint is older but still looks good from 10 feet. Small stone chips and scratches you would expect from a street driven car. If you want a no-guilt driver, this is it. It gets CONSTANT thumbs up, oohs & ahhhs.  If you want a show finish it would need a repaint.

Inside the Black interior works very well with the Pistol Grip Shifter right where your hand expects it. With a bit of recent work and restoration it is in good condition. The seats are nice & comfortable. The carpet is in good condition and the door panels were just replaced with high quality reproductions. An aftermarket stereo system was recently installed and sounds nice. There is plenty of room for you and 5 other adults.

This Roadrunner started out life as a 383 but has since been upgraded to a very well built 440. The engine has a Lunati ‘Voodoo’ Roller Camshaft & Lifters, Comp Ultra Pro Roller Rockers, ARP Studs, Performance Ignition, Holley Avenger Carburetor, Long Tube Headers, Flowmaster Equipped Exhaust and it has been fully balanced.  It fires up INCREDIBLY easy, has the PERFECT lope to the idle and it has torque like you wouldn’t believe.  Simply one of the finest examples of a 440 we have seen.

The 833 4 speed behind it has been equipped with a ‘Pistol Grip’ shifter. I have driven hundreds of 4, 5 & 6 speeds and this is the easiest manual trans to grab gears in I have ever driven. You really can’t miss a shift (if you do, you really should be banished to a Prius & your Man Card torn up).

This incredibly cool 4 speed is backed up by a 3.91 geared 8 ¾ Sure Grip differential. These gears work PERFECTLY with this 440. The shifts come up quickly and torque (huge mountains of it) are never more than a tickle of the gas pedal away. Now normally you would think that 3.91’s are too much gear for a street car without an overdrive. However, with the MASSIVE roll out of the 285 40 tires and the balanced engine the rpm’s are around 3000 at 60 and the engine is glassy smooth. This car is surprisingly comfortable & quiet at 60.

The car sits just right and has ‘The Look’ that is so hard to find with most cars. We tried 3 sets of tires & wheels on ‘The Runner’ before we found perfection. The result was this set of 17” fronts & 18 x 9” Rears with the perfect offset, heights & diameters to fill those big wheel wells. That torsion bar suspension allows for an infinite amount of height adjustment in the front. The rear has been adjusted for the perfect height over the MASSIVE 285 40 18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tires. The result is a car that looks exceptional and functions very well too. Handling, turn in and launch are all optimized with the tire & wheel combo.

We couldn’t be happier with how this Roadrunner came out!

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