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The General Lee


1968 Charger

Super Cool General Lee Paint Scheme

Powerful 383 Engine

Crisp Shifting 727 Transmission

Power Front Disc Brakes

Power Steering

Super Loud Dixie Horn

Of all cars in the world this is probably The Most recognized, even more so than a Bullitt Mustang or a DeLorean. You can see it coming a mile away with it's Confederate Flag adorned roof and the '01' on the door. Even before that you could hear the Dixie horn blow and just know what you were going to see. We get to drive some amazing cars and they get a lot of attention. However, this car really beats them all. Just a quick trip down the road gets waves and horn honks from at least 25% of passing cars. Leave it outside and it draws an endless crowd...its crazy. In this day of cancel culture this car flies in its face, Confederate flag waving and Dixie horn blowing. 

This car looks incredible going down the road and still great from 10 feet. Get closer and there is plenty of patina in the form of dings, scratches, paint blemishes, etc. The paint has a nice deep gloss, but again...its not perfect. If you want a show car it will easily double the cost. If you want a car you can drive guilt-free...this is it. The floors and trunk pan appear to be in great condition. There is a small section of each rear frame rail supports which have been repaired. The panels do have some bubbles that have been pictured. Overall though, this is a much more solid car than many of the breed.

Inside the interior shows its age. The seat upholstery is tired, carpet is worn and the typical fading of the instruments is evident. Much like the outside it shows some wear but you certainly wouldn't hesitate to throw your friends in the back and worry about anything. 

Under the hood lives a Mopar Big Block. This one uses a 400 block and has a noticeable lope to the idle. The 4 barrel has a nice deep note and plenty of low end torque. There is even just a hint of an exhaust leak like the original car. The 727 has a nice firm shift that will bark the tires on a spirited upshift. On the road the cabin is nice & quiet with just a low pitch rumbling. Steering is tight & responsive. Braking is excellent thanks to the front disc brakes.

There are some projects to do on this car. Small trim items will need to be sourced and addressed. Overall though, this car is a crazy fun driver. So many people grew up with the Dukes whether it be the original series or the Johnny Knoxville version that almost all ages remember it fondly. Simply blowing the horn brings smiles & thumbs up. It is one of the most memorable drives you will ever make.



VIN: XP29F8G269118

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.


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