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1965 Mustang GT Coupe


Gorgeous Sonic Blue Paint

Factory GT Equipped Car

Excellent Running A-Code 289 4V

Crisp Shifting 4 Speed Manual Transmission

Factory Kelsey Hayes Disc Brakes

3.55 Limited Slip Differential

Custom Scat Seats & Matching Rear Upholstery

17" Tire & Wheel Package

Flowmaster Equipped Exhaust



This is a fun little GT coupe. Dressed up some Shelby inspired body parts and sprayed with Sonic Blue really sets it apart from the herd. The 4 speed transmission coupled with the throaty exhaust make this one a blast to drive. Whether you are looking for an investment or a driver this is a hard car to beat for the money.


Hailing from dry Eastern Washington the metal on this coupe is impressive. The paint shines nicely on the straight panels. There are minor imperfections but consider this one a nice 'Sunny Day Driver'.

Inside the interior has been upgraded with Scat 'ProCar' seats with matching rear seat upholstery. The seats are incredibly comfortable and help keep you in place for any spirited driving you might find yourself in.

Under the hood the 289 has been upgraded with a S2MS Shelby 'COBRA' aluminum intake manifold, polished Ford Racing Valve Covers, Shelby style Tri-Y headers, billet distributor and a HiPo chrome air cleaner. There is plenty of power to get you into trouble but this is not a high strung drag racer.

The 4 speed is a factory optioned component on this car. The shifter has the 'Reverse Lock Out' function and works properly. The transmission shifts easily up and down through the gears and clutch engagement is nice. Nothing beats a manual transmission for pure fun in a pony car.


The rear differential is reported to have just been rebuilt with 3.55 gears and a limited slip carrier. Giving power to both tires provides excellent grip but you can break them loose when properly coaxed.

The factory GT equipment such as Kelsey-Hayes Disc brakes, GT fog lights and exhaust exit valance are all still in place. The GT specifics have been confirmed like the correct drivers rear frame rail, floor pan reinforcement and correct wiring & core support holes for the GT fog-lights.

For more information, give us a call @ (360) 863-2241


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