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1971 Plymouth Sport Fury


High Trim Level Car

360ci 2v V8 (255hp)

H.D. Automatic Transmission

Power Front Disc brakes

Power Steering

Air Conditioning

Here we have a low cost, entry level Muscle Car. Sure, it has some dings and bruises with alittle rust here 'n there, but tell all your friends how cool the Patina is and nobody will think twice about it. In all seriousness, this is a great car that does run and drive. Some maintenance will be needed before much street use but this would be a good project for the do-it yourselfer, and should be street-able within a days worth of work.


The Body is actually in decent shape, rust is seen on both rear quarters, but the inner quarter drops look fine. Also some bubbling is seen at the lower edges of the Vinyl top. The Top has seen better days and more metal work maybe needed when you replace the top. Other then the rust and minor dings throughout, the body appears to be quite straight and lines up correctly. This would make a good project for somebody learning panel replacement as well.


The Interior shows some wear and tear, but still presents itself quite nicely. The front seats have been reupholstered at somepoint, but everything else appears to be original. We gave it a quick wipe-down, but some fine detailing would make the Interior look great. 


The engine is a 360ci V8 engine and this Fury is equipped with a Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission. We are selling this as a project car, so expect to do some maintenance, but it does currently run and drive. It also stops and steers straight down the road. You can tell some care was taken because the firewall and the inner fenderwells are rather clean. It was reported that the engine was rebuilt around 2004ish, but we have no documents supporting it. 


Overall, This is a well optioned car and not far from being a good driver. These Mopars are getting hard to find and when you do find them, the complete underside and all the floor/trunk pans are completely gone! This is a good car to start as a running/driving project, and you cant really beat the price!

Make sure to see the last picture showing the Fender Tag Decoded showing the options this Fury was equipped with.


If your interested, Give us a call @ (360) 863-2241

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