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1962 Galaxie 500


Rare Q-Code 375HP 390!
Factory Black with Black & White Interior!
3-Speed with Overdrive Transmission

Back in the early 60's the big cars got the big engines. They duked it out on the big Nascar tracks. Ford's slogan was wind on Sunday & sell on Monday. The big 3 stuffed larger & larger engines into their full-size behemoths. Ford's answer for the street was Q code 390 with a factory aluminum intake manifold, Holley carburetor and cast iron headers. This combo made an impressive 375 Horsepower, that's 55 more than the 390 offered in the Mustang!

As the story goes...this big girl was slumbering inside for the last 40+ years. We purchased this one from the previous owner's nephew. The uncle was sent to prison for a very long time so the car was passed down never having been removed from the carport it was parked in some time in the 70's. The good news is that it was inside under cover so the car is solid, the bad news is that it was a dirt floor so there is some surface rust. The paint appears to be a very old single repaint with plenty of 'Patina' or just plain old depending on your preferred paint pronouns. There are numerous imperfections like chips, scratches & such. From 20 feet its beautiful.

Inside the interior is still quite original and for its age it presents quite well. However, there are numerous imperfections and signs of age. The good thing is that it appears to be complete and is fully functional as is. 

The engine was reportedly rebuilt just before the car was parked and this appears to be correct as the engine is very clean inside. Back in the 70's the gas crunch had people going with lower compression to run the cheaper fuels. Sadly, this car lost its heads in the name of economy. A set of D2's were installed lowering the compression from the factory 11 to 1 to a more livable 9.0 to 1. Luckily the cast iron headers were retained along with a mild performance camshaft. We pre-oiled this one, rebuilt the original Holley carb and it quickly roared to life. The engine fire up nicely and has a nice & noticeable lope to the idle.

The brakes have been serviced with new brake shoes, hardware, wheel cylinders and a master cylinder. They work properly and feel good.

Rolling stock consists of brand new 15" American Racing Torque Thrusts with Cooper Cobra Tires. They look great and fit very nicely. 

VIN: 2P63Q127516
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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