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1974 Ford Bronco



1974 Bronco

Gorgeous Candy Apple Red

Custom Black Interior

Deluxe ‘Family’ Cage

‘Tuffy’ Locking Console & Glove Box

Hydro-Boost Equipped Power Disc Brakes

302 V8 With Performance Upgrades

C4 Automatic Transmission

Power Steering with Heavy Duty Steering Box

Heavy Duty Dana 44 Front Axle

Heavy Duty ‘STRANGE’ 9” Rear Differential

Dana 20 Transfer Case with Twin Stick

Wild Horses 3 ½” Suspension Lift Kit

2” Body Lift with All New Body Bushings

Bronco Bob’s Extended Length Radius Arms


 If you are looking for a Bronco that can get plenty of attention at every street corner AND can still get you confidently through the toughest of sand dunes and back this is the Bronco for you. It has been decked out in Candy Apple Red paint that carries a nice finish that is easily nice enough for weekend meets but isn’t too nice to get at least a little dirty. The grill was finished out in a graphite color and matches the Tom’s Bronco’s Projector Beam headlights very well. New tail lights, side markers, turn signals & stainless steel bezels were installed and add to the fresh clean look.


Inside the interior tub was stripped and bedlined. To keep the heat & sound transfer down it was then fully carpeted. The dash panel was removed and powder-coated in a textured black that really sets it off. A Brand New instrument cluster replaces the factory worn out unit. Billet handles anodized in black replace the dash knobs.  


An aftermarket tilt-steering column has been installed making getting into and out of this Bronco much easier. The factory glove boxes do not open with family cages so a new glove box and a matching console were added from Tuffy. These glove boxes & consoles are fully lockable and are fully encased in steel for maximum protection. A family cage was added that even provides a rear cross bar behind the back seat passengers for even more safety. Seating from Corbeau really keeps every passenger firmly & comfortably in their places in the steepest of situations.


The engine has been upgraded with an Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold, Holley Carburetor, Billet Distributor and a mild performance camshaft. We didn’t get any rebuild paperwork but clearly the engine is not stock and produces enough power to confidently drive this Bronco comfortably around town and the trail. The C4 Automatic Transmission is shifted by a custom cable shifter with locking detents and it works excellently with firm & positive shifts.

The brakes have been seriously upgraded to Hydro-Boost Assist with disc in the front and drum in the rear. This unit is a hydraulic unit powered from the power steering pump. These are over the counter products and nearly any parts store so it is easy to service too. The addition of this option makes this Bronco stop easily for nearly any driver. Pedal effort is easy, linear and predictable.


The main tank has been replaced with a 25 gallon tank and the front tank has been removed. This eliminates the need for a cumbersome switching valve and trying to remember which tank you are using.


The Dana 20 transfer case was reported to be rebuilt and features a ‘Twin Stick’ from Wild Horses. The twin sticks are nice because they allow the driver to engage each axle independently.


The rear axle has been upgraded with a Strange 9” Carrier with a locking differential. The front axle is a heavy duty Dana 44. It has been upgraded with heavy duty Warn Hubs. Gear Ratios are 4.11’s.


The lift on this Bronco was achieved through a combination of suspension and body lifts, all from Wild Horses. The 3” suspension lift utilizes long travel front springs, Deaver 11 spring rear pack, adjustable & relocated track bar and extended length radius arms from Bronco Bob. The 4 front shocks are adjustable Rancho units while the rear shocks are remote reservoir units.


A 2” body lift was added to both replace the factory body mount bushings and give just a bit more room for those 35” tires and all that extra suspension travel. The result is a Bronco that is incredibly capable off road but now has the alignment specs to drive safely and confidently on the highway. I can’t say enough about how important the alignment specs are to enjoying your Bronco.


There is so much to talk about on this one. It has a tremendous amount of upgrades that have been tastefully done and the result is a very drivable Bronco that you can enjoy no matter the season or occasion.






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