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1970 Pro Touring Mustang




Magazine Feature Car


Gorgeous Flamenco Red Mica Paint


Fully Painted Undercarriage


Gold BOSS 302 Stripes


High End Custom Leather Interior


Incredible Professional Built 347 with Yates NASCAR Heads


Tremec 5-Speed Manual Transmission


4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes


Custom Front Suspension


3.89 Ratio Nodular 9” Differential


Custom 17/18” Wheel Package


This 70 Mustang is the product of an extensive & high dollar restoration. The quality of components and the level of restoration speak for themselves. Receipt documentation is included with the car covering everything from the paint to the extremely well thought out 347. Even one of the Magazines this car has been featured in is included. When you take this one out for a cruise or to the car show you will not have to worry about seeing another similar car.

This build started with an M-Code 70 Mach 1 with the correct 05 VIN. The body was completely stripped, seams were welded and the body work done for a show winning finish. This was a complete, rotisserie repaint including the floors, engine compartment, wheel wells, everything, on a bare shell. First a base coat of Gold was laid down for the BOSS 302 stripes then the Jaguar Flamenco Red Mica and many coats of clear were laid down over that. The car received a tremendous wet-sand & polish to a mirror finish. This one is easily nice enough for show, it has won many trophies. It does have around 5k miles since it was completed but that was with a very ‘attention to detail’ owner. This car still presents as a clean & fresh build.

The interior was completely redone in Parchment Leather. It is a very high quality and really compliments the exterior color. It looks very nice and does a great job of keeping the interior cool & comfortable as well.

Under the hood an incredible amount of work has went into the rowdy Solid Roller Cam 347 Cubic Inch Stroked Small Block. This one is topped with fully ported Yates NASCAR Cylinder Heads that spent 28 documented hours of porting and flow bench work by Ted King. The heads have Titanium Valves actuated by fully braced Crane Gold Roller Rockers. The build was so intensive that the forged pistons were machined to optimize flame travel and the cylinder walls were cut to un-shroud the exhaust valve. There was a TREMENDOUS amount of custom work that went into this engine and it comes with complete documentation to show what was done.

Behind that 347 live a Tremec 5-Speed Overdrive Transmission. This trans is easily tough enough to stand up to the 347 and provides an overdriven 5th gear for easy highway cruising.

The rear differential is a Heavy Duty 9” that has been narrowed and filled with a Nodular 9” Third Member filled with 3.89 Gears, heavy duty axles and a rebuilt Traction-Loc unit. The 3.89’s work great giving you excellent off the line gearing and with the overdrive 5th gear you have the ability to comfortably cruise at 70 and beyond.

This car also has been fitted with 4 Wheel Power Disc Brakes. Not only do they look good through those huge wheels, they also stop very well.

The suspension on this car has also been upgraded with components from Pro-Motorsports. In the front, the upper control arm mounting points have been lowered to Shelby Specs and then fitted with ‘Negative Wedge’ kits. The lower control arms are from Global West and feature Spherical ends with a fully braced structure. The ‘Drop Spindles’ are from Fatman and allow a 2” drop without losing spring travel. The front sway bar has been replaced with a larger unit as well. To reduce the un-sprung weight, high end inverted gas shocks were used. To finish it off a set of Progressive Coil Springs were used. The rear springs are ‘Reverse Eye’ and provide the perfect ride height .

Rolling stock on this Mustang gives it plenty of ‘Street Cred’ and an incredibly good look. Riding low on the 17x8 Front’s and tucking the HUGE 285 40 18” Rears gives it all the good looks of a well groomed brawler.

Not only can this car carve up the canyons, but it can lay down a beating on the ¼ mile. This is one of the few cars that do both of those and then win trophies at the shows.

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