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1964 Mercury Marauder

1964 Mercury 'Park Lane' Marauder



Original Title, Warranty Card & Owner’s Manual

Super Rare ‘P-Code’ Solid Lifter 390 Police Interceptor

EXTREMELY RARE Factory 4-Speed Transmission

Factory Bucket Seats & Center Floor Console

Garage Stored Since the 70’s!

Beautiful Pacific Blue Paint!

Original Black Interior!

This Mercury is an AMAZING time capsule! This is a true, one owner car that is wearing a beautiful Pacific Blue paint job and sporting a stunning Black Décor Interior. This car was stored indoors before Ronald Reagan made America great again (since the 70’s for the historically challenged). This is the Holy Grail for many Mercury enthusiasts. While ‘Big Brother’ the R-Code 427 gets most of the attention, the lesser known and very scarce ‘P’ Code is a true prize.

The body and paint are obviously in excellent condition given the cars age. That being said, this is not perfect nor do we claim it to be. There is plenty of nicks, small scratches and even a ding or two. However, this car presents very well. This car has a colorful past having been stolen by an ex wife and recovered 4 years later at her brothers house. Back in the 70’s police took car theft seriously and arrested everyone at the house including their 65 year old mother! The car was returned but had a dent in the fender and trunk. Those items were replaced with nice originals and only recently repainted. The stainless trim on the car is in exceptional condition thanks to a life lived indoors. The only obvious trim damage is a ding in the rear bumper. The body is exceptionally solid and rust free. Whether for investment or restoration purposes you would be very hard pressed to find a better example.

Inside the interior is the Marauder Spec Décor Interior with Black Bucket Seats, Center Floor Console and Chrome Trimmed Package. Again, the indoor storage did this car right. With very limited mileage and use on the clock it presents very well. The seats are quite comfortable. Just sitting in the seat and looking around you can really see where designers put this car well above the standard of the day. Small trim appointments and the quality of components really have to be experienced to be appreciated. You will truly marvel at the condition.

Under the hood lives a very rare Police Interceptor ‘P-Code’ 390. This is a rare engine in the FE family lineage. It was basically a hybrid of the Fire-Breathing 427 and the Formidable ‘Z’ code 390. It utilized its own specific block made for only solid lifter camshafts just as the 427’s. The crank was the same as the Z-Code that shares its stroke with the 427. The cylinder heads were the large port C4 units. For exhaust they carried over the ’63 406 Cast Iron Headers for deep breathing. The camshafts in these engines were often swapped out with the larger 427 solid cams, even experimental camshafts have been found to be installed in production engines. This engine features a 427 425-Horsepower Camshaft and of course fully adjustable valve-train. This is the original block that has been completely rebuilt and only break-in miles on the clock. It runs like a Swiss Watch on gasoline. It has a nice slight lope to the idle and the rhythmic solid lifter noise is music to any true enthusiast’s ears.

Behind that Rare FE Engine lives an Ultra Rare 4-Speed. Only 3% of Merc’s came with a 4-Speed. If you are looking for RARITY you have found it. Not to mention how fun it is to hear those solid lifter while rowing through the gears. The 4-Speed works very well with a nice engagement into gear and a smooth clutch.  

The electrical system in this car is in excellent order. The charging system worked right on fire up of the new engine. The Radio, Clock, Heater Motor, Courtesy Lights and Trunk Light all work well. So many old cars have gremlins from past engagements with butt-connectors and electrical tape. This car has survived in-tact and the systems work well.

The brake system has been serviced with a New Master Cylinder and all 4 Wheel Cylinders. The brakes feel great and stop the car confidently.

The tires were very old and still wore what looked to be the original bias ply tires. We replaced them with brand new radials for safety and good looks.

If you are looking for a RARE and DESIRABLE car you have found it. You don’t have to worry about seeing the same car at the car show either.

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