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1969 Camaro


Gorgeous Factory Coded Hugger Orange Paint
Crisp Factory Coded Black Interior
Factory Style Tach & Gauge Package
Incredible Performance build 396 V8
Keisler 5-Speed Transmission
4.10 Ratio 12-Bolt Posi-Traction Rear End
Factory Power Front Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Full Ride-Tech Suspension System
17" Billet Specialties Wheels


This Camaro has all the fun options that made the Camaro so fun and such a success. From the factory '72' coded Hugger Orange paint to the loping Rectangle Port 396 to the stick shift popping through a gauge clad center console to the 12-Bolt tire shredding posi...its all here! This car is 'Love at First Rev'. Simply fire it up, rack the throttle once and if your knees don't get a bit are truly a Prius person. The body on this Camaro is quite nice, paint lays down well and has a nice, deep shine. Easily nice enough for the weekend show & sunny day driver crowd. Chrome & bright trim are quite nice as well. While very nice this one has been driven and enjoyed for about 5600 miles since its completion about 6 years ago so it is not perfect, but it presents very nicely.

Inside, the interior is in excellent condition with very little sign of use. Pretty much everything in here is new from the upholstery to the instrumentation. Seat upholstery is nice, crisp and comfortable. Carpet fits nicely and the headliner is nice & tight. The dash features the optional gauge package with a tachometer which moves the gauges to a really cool pod on the console. All the gauges work properly too. This is a beautiful place to spend a cruise!

To get this one to ride & drive right the factory suspension was replaced with a complete Coil-Over Conversion from RideTech. This kit ditches the leaf springs out back in favor of a more modern 4-bar system that uses a coil over shock to reduce weight and make height adjustments with the twist of a spanner wrench. Up front the control arms were all replaced with tubular units as well as easily height adjustable coil overs. 

Under the hood is where all the action starts. Receipts document an extensive build on the 396. Goodies include an Eagle Forged Steel Crank, Eagle Forged Steel Rods, Forged Pistons, Comp Big Mutha Thumpa Cam, Manley Stainless Intake & Exhaust Valves and MORE. Also on the engine is a FACTORY L78 Winters Casting Aluminum Intake Manifold, Quickfuel carburetor, Ceramic Headers, MSD Ignition, etc. This was a very high end build with buckets of money thrown at it, best of all its documented!

Not many transmissions will hold up to this type of use. A Keisler 'Legend' 5-speed transmission conversion was bought at quite the tidy sum. Good thing is, it works as intended. This thing shifts so much nicer than a Tremec TKO its incredible. The clutch works nice & smooth too.

Out back lives a correctly coded BT E 12 Bolt Positraction rear end that has been fitted with 4.10 gearing. Thanks to the Keisler Overdrive 5 speed it cruises easily on the highway.

Rolling stock consists of a set of high end 17" Billet Specialties wheels which fit the build nicely. Wheel wells are full without rubbing and the car sits down nicely around the tires.

This is a Van Nuys built Camaro so it does not carry any of the 'X' coding to show how it started life. There are certain traits to consider then, since the 396 has been decked removing any VIN numbers or engine coding. There are a couple of ways things to look for to support a Super Sport option as well as a 396 option. The biggest one to most Camaro enthusiasts is the exhaust hanger bracket on the driver's rear frame rail, only the SS's & Z/28's, LM1 and COPO received these. Also, SS & Z/28 cars all came with Disc Brakes with special proportioning valves. 396 cars came with a special 3/8" fuel line as well as a special heater cover that re-routed the heater hoses to clear the bigger engine. 12-Bolt Differentials were mandatory in all of the special performance cars too, coding on this rear end lines up with a 69 Camaro. This car has all of those options. Is it 100% proof its an SS396? No. However, these together make it widely accepted to be authentic. 

Please call us at 360 863 2241 or email with questions!

VIN: 124379L519324

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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