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1967 Fairlane 390 GT-A


Factory 'S' Code 390 V8 Car
Factory GT-A Optioned Car
Factory Vintage Burgundy Paint Code
Factory Black Bucket Seat interior 
4 Speed Toploader Transmission
Runs & Lot Drives

Fairlanes are HOT and the Big Blocks are the hottest! In hour house the '67 S code GT-A is perhaps the most sought after car after the venerable Mustang Fastbacks. Fairlanes weren't made in the numbers like Mustangs were. Once you start adding on desirable options they quickly get scarcer.

The paint on this Fairlane is obviously dead. What you will notice is that a large portion appears to be the original Vintage Burgundy that has sun faded to a lovely root beer brown. An oxide primer has been spotted in here and there and has also faded to a like colored brown. This car hails from Montana where it had done its fare share of storage before our purchase. The body has been pictured pretty well and that tells the story pretty well, if you need another pic or angle please let us know. The floors have had a panel replacement on the driver's front, the other pans are original.

This is an original black bucket seat GTA car, the most desirable of the interiors. The bucket seats are still in place and the 55 year old upholstery is shot as are the front door panels. Luckily companies like Mac's offer these pieces making your restoration work all the easier.

Under the hood the current mill is a bit of a mystery. The block is a C5AE, heads are a C7AE-A, exhaust manifolds are correct GT's and the intake is a 68 S code unit. The engine fire up easily and runs pretty well. We have no receipt history or documentation on it though.

This one was originally an automatic that was converted to a 4 speed some time in its past. The floor was cut out and a proper 4 speed 'hump' will need to be added to clean up the install. The 4 speed is a toploader unit with the overdrive. 

The rearend was swapped out with an 8" unit with a 2.79 ratio so it would have some serious highway cruising capabilities combine with that overdrive toploader. These modifications were probably made years ago before Montana had an enforced speed limit. Back then speeding didn't get you a speeding ticket but a slip for 'fuel conservation violation' and a $5 fine that was payable on the spot. 

The Magnum 500's are wrapped with some white letter tires long past their prime. Thanks to some nice storage they still have some good tread but should be replaced prior to any dedicated street use.

VIN: 7K42S172656
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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