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1969 Mustang Sportsroof


Marti Report Verified
S-Code 390GT Big Block

Factory Silver Jade Paint
Factory Black Interior
Factory 'Sport Deck' Rear Seat
Factory Power Disc Brakes
Factory Power Steering
Factory 3.25 9" Differential

 This '69 was an early production car, the 1,864th Mustang for 1969 and considering there about 300,000 made that year that's early! Perhaps it was due to the early production that it wasn't a Mach 1 but this fastback had many of the makings of one. As such it was probably priced the same. It's not often we find a '69 390 car that isn't a Mach 1 and when we do they almost always are a GT...and we have owned literally 100's of 1969 Sportsroof cars. 

The car was undergoing a restoration when the previous owner ran out of gumption and pulled the plug. A lot of work was done including stripping, body work and actually getting much of the front end into Candy Apple Red. Body work and paint are the boogey man of the classic car world. Thankfully this one has seen much of what is the scary part. The quarters and roof seem very straight and look quite close to paint. Obviously your body man will want his final word. Rust wise, this one seems quite good. The only obvious areas left of concern are in the rear inner drop offs, see pics. The quarters, doors, fenders and hood all look solid. The floors were already replaced and new seat risers installed. 

Inside the interior is a good base and will obviously need restored. The new headliner and windshield are already installed getting you 2 expensive steps closer to done. The fold down seat is still in place and is a very desirable option. You could easily shift gears inside to a Mach 1 or even a pro touring interior should you decide. 

Under the hood its really a blank slate. A big block FE would be a great choice but with all the stroked small blocks, 7.3 Godzilla motors or even a shock tower killer Coyote/Predator/Voodoo would be options. The transmission is an open deal as well. With the factory C6 gone just pick your automatic 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 10 speed. Same deal with the manuals just pick a number between 3 and 10 and I'm sure someone makes one.  

This one will probably go back to something close to Ford's original delivery so thankfully the disc brakes, power steering and 9" are still in place. All very durable and versatile with a great stock design and plenty of available upgrades. 

Currently rolling around on a set of '69 Mach 1 wheels you can see why they were so popular. These are in good shape and would complete a vintage build. Or if you wish they do fetch a decent price towards your upgrade of choice.

So there ya go. One of the most popular and sought after body styles with a Big Block Pedigree and a ton of work already done.


VIN: 9R02S101864
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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