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1967 Mustang Coupe




1967 Mustang

Supercharged 427 Big Block

Gorgeous Toreador Red Paint

Crisp Black Interior

4-Wheel Disc Brakes

9” Custom Built 3.50 Ratio Differential


This is not your average daily driver Mustang. With 427 Cubic Inches of Ford Big Block ‘FE’ Muscle sitting under & through the hood nobody is going to mistake this car for a ‘sleeper’. Every time out the car receives constant thumbs up, waves and bent necks.


The Toreador Red paint is classy and really looks nice on the body. The panels line up well and the panels are straight. The paint is older with some imperfections but overall a very nice, solid & impressive car.


The 427 is a real deal 427 with Cross-Bolt Mains. It still sports its original bore and has dished Forged Pistons for a ‘Boost-Friendly’ compression ratio. The camshaft is a hydraulic flat tappet unit from Comp Cams that provides a nice lope to the idle but still retains nice street manners. The 6-71 Supercharger is fed by 2 Holley Carburetors designed for the application.


Ignition is handled by a high end distributor-less ignition system. The engine really runs well and isn’t nearly the hard-to-live-with monster you might think it is by looking at it.


The engine fires up easily, idles well and really just works nicely. The power is insane as you never are more than a blip of the throttle away from copious amounts of wheel spin and that is what this car is about.


Inside the interior is sharp, clean & to the point. The aftermarket seats fit well and really hold you in when the factory seats might let you go. The billet aluminum shift handle has a nice pistol grip to it. The carpet fits well and looks nice. The dash panels are crisp & recent. The chrome is in excellent condition inside. The combination of black & chrome really is accentuated by the huge piece of polished aluminum looking back at you thru the windshield.


The 9” rear differential is a custom built unit from ‘Just Rearends’. It was built with 3.50 gears and a Trac-Loc Posi. The housing was slightly narrowed to allow room for the Old School wheels & 275 Drag Radial Tires.


This Mustang has 4-Wheel Disc Brakes to help keep up with the tremendous power it generates. This is something you truly appreciate when stopping from triple digit speeds in a hurry.


Don't miss out on this one!

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