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1966 Ford Bronco Project


Rare First Year Bronco

Good Frame with Clear Matching Title

New Floors & Family Cage Installed

Custom Dash with Tilt Column

New Power Brake Conversion

Here is a rare opportunity on a first year Bronco! There are a couple ways to go here. You can build from here with the replaced floor pans and a family cage for a great might be aiming for a modernized high end Bronco.

The previous owner started down the building path by adding a custom dash, tilt column, quality aftermarket custom wiring harness and a 'Family Cage' roll bar.


With the new bodies out now (under $10k) it no longer makes sense to try and scab a rusty one back together. For about 1/2 of the money and 1/100th of the time you can order a new, all steel, body and bolt it right on. They even come painted your color if you choose. While that is on order drop in your 5.0 Coyote with all the room in the world to work. Don't pay $15k and a tetanus shot for a bucket of rust you are just going to throw out anyways.

The frame appears to be in good condition with no obvious collision or corrosion damage. The 9" differential, Dana 30, RAT 3 speed and Dana 20 transfer case are still in place. Use what you need and sell the leftovers!

If your Interested, Give us a call at (360) 863-2241

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