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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Eleanor Build


Price: $149,950


First Place and Best of Show Winner


Gorgeous House of Kolors Kandy

Brandywine Paint


Custom Deluxe Interior with

Leather & Brushed Aluminum


Full Custom Gauge Package


800 Watt Sound System with

Dual Sub Woofers


All Aluminum 427 Side Oiler

Stroked to 498 Cubic Inches


Hilborn Injection converted to EFI

with F.A.S.T. Electronic Fuel Injection


641 Horsepower & 614 Pounds of Torque


Full March Serpentine Belt System with

Air Conditioning


Tremec TKO 5 Speed Transmission


Narrowed Heavy Duty 9” Rear End


Rear Ladder Bar Style Suspension

with Double Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks


Custom Billet Specialty Wheels


4-Wheel Wilwood Power Disc Brakes


Heidt’s Shock Tower Delete with Tubular Suspension and Power Rack & Pinion


Fully Braced & Unitized Chassis


Mini-Tubbed Rear with 335 30 Rear Tires

Real Deal Ford Fastback Body


We have owned well over a thousand Mustangs and this is easily the most extreme car of the bunch. From the House of Kolor paint to the 498 Cubic Inch Monster under the hood this car is incredible. We took it to its first car show where it won First Place in its class, Best of Show and a Cash Prize of $1250.


This is a low mile build with approximately 2000 miles on the odometer that has been clocked in the last 4 years since its build was complete.


The build started with a stock 1967 Mustang Fastback. Not much of the original car was used, most of this car is new. This was a complete nut & bolt rotisserie build. The torque boxes, frame rails, etc have all been replaced with stronger units and new floor pans installed to handle the dramatically increased horsepower. The front fenders, hood, nose cone, tail light panel, trunk lid, end caps, side scoops and rocker moldings are all high quality fiberglass. They have been molded into the car and this car is stunning. The paint color is Kandy Brandywine, a 3 stage paint from House of Kolors. The gray stripes are a custom color that was applied over the candy then buried in clear. The paint has a mirror finish and is very impressive. This car needs to be seen in the sun where it is truly amazing.


Inside the interior is a nice mix of custom and reproduction components. The 67 Deluxe Interior is one of the finest looking factory interiors ever produced so not much needed upgrading. The factory gauges were replaced with units that could accurately measure the extreme performance this car creates. These are custom 1-off gauges, not common call and order units. The rest of the dash remains factory with the exception of the stereo which controls 800 Watts of pulse pounding power. The floor console is a custom unit that takes its styling cues from the 68 Shelby unit. The Leather & Suede Seats are custom units with the Carol Shelby Signature script on them. They offer excellent support and look very nice. The back seat has been upholstered to match. The rear seat area was custom made to fit with the larger rear wheel housings. The rear trim panels were custom made 3” wider and covered with leather and look great. The door panels are basically stock Ford units with the exception of the power window switches rather than the standard window cranks.


The chassis was completely re-invented. The front end has had the shock towers eliminated and now has a Heidt’s style front end. The control arms are tubular units with adjustable coil over shocks. The steering is now handled with a power rack & pinion. The rear frame rails were removed and replaced with new units that allow for massive 335 tires to be used with room to spare for even wider tires. These custom frame rails run the full-length of the car and have cross bracing side to side for extreme strength.


The rear suspension ties in as well with a ladder bar style suspension complete with pan-hard bar & double adjustable coil-overs. The car drives excellent and the chassis is solid & confident. It corners extremely well and exudes confidence.


Under the hood really sets this car apart. Simply opening it up is like opening a treasure chest of automotive jewelry. The $8k Hilborn Injection Stacks with the F.A.S.T. EFI are enough to get any red blooded car guy excited. The huge cast aluminum valve covers have billet breathers & Shelby adorned oil caps. The highly polished March Serpentine Belt System is a very nicely engineered component that tips the register at $3k alone. Underneath all that are Aluminum Heads with Jessel Rockers, Solid Roller Camshaft, Aluminum Block, Stroker Steel Crank and a High Capacity Oil Pan. This engine was made to run and it does. At 498 Cubic Inches it has churned out 641 Horsepower & 614 Pounds of Torque on pump gas with the small headers.


More power would easily be made with some custom headers but the current power easily destroys the massive tires at will. Full MSD Ignition with a billet distributor, Rev Limiter & High Output Coil keep the plugs clean. A truly massive radiator with 3 electric fans keeps heat under control. For as much hardware as is here, this engine really has excellent street manners.


The individual runners of the Hilborn injection keep the intake reversion down and the idle is surprisingly mild for such a large solid roller camshaft. The engine revs like a trip hammer, just tap the throttle and the engine responds instantly without hesitation.


The Tremec 5 Speed shifts nicely and is one of the few 5 speeds that can live with this level of power. It has a nice scatter shield up front and the chassis X-brace is there to contain the driveshaft safely above the pavement in case the unthinkable ever happens.


The combination of incredible looks and insane power is what makes this car so amazing. The car accelerates with such ferocity it is intoxicating. It has excellent road manners and cruises around town like easily. The F.A.S.T. electronics really tame this engine around town. On the highway it cruises at 1800 RPM in 5th gear without hesitation. Hit the A/C and long distance trips are very comfortable. The sheer number of thumbs up, cheers and photo requests this car generates in truly mind boggling. This is not the car for the introvert or the fuel conscious. This car break necks and devours dinosaurs like no tomorrow.

Solid No expense spared build





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