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1960 Edsel Ranger 


Only 3 months in production

This is #597 out of 1298 off the line

'Super Express' H.O. 352ci V8

Automatic Dual Power 3 speed Transmission

2:91-1 Rear Axle

Super Rare & Unique Car 

So as you may already know, Edsel's were only produced for a total of 3 years, 1958,1959 and 1960. Mid 1959 Edsel got the Word that 1960 would be the last year of production, which completely ceased production on November 16, 1959 making this particular Edsel one of the last ones ever produced. This Edsel Ranger actually rolled of the line September 23, 1959 for the 1960 model year which only #1298 four door Edsel Rangers were produced in 1960, This one being #597.


2,571 Total Edsel's were made for 1960 model year of all models and trim.

This Edsel Ranger was fitted with the one year only Grille and Taillight design with the classic fins of the late 50's making this one the most Highly Desirable Edsel's to date. The Body was finished from the Factory in Polar White which has been repainted and shows well but was not a high end repaint. The chrome appears to be in good shape besides a couple small dings/blemishes and some very light pitting, but overall is very presentable. All doors and body gaps look good and no signs of prior collision damage is seen.

The Interior is a beautiful combination of Red Vinyl with Black Pebble Cloth. The Front seat was long ago covered in plastic to preserve its condition and no rips or tears are seen in the front or back seats. Seat belts were added to the front seat only. Although some wear is seen to the interior such as the carpet/dash and trim, it is still very presentable and usable. A dash clock is present but does not appear to work, however it does show the correct time twice a day.

The Engine is the high option 'Super Express V8' High Compression 352ci V8 4 Barrel that churns out 300 Horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. The big FE is mated to the high option 'Dual Power' 3-speed automatic transmission. The engines runs well and starts right up, the transmission also performs properly.


The Brakes are Factory 4 wheel drum with a single reservoir Master cylinder. 

All 4 Hubcaps are present and all tires are wide-white-walls which really make this Edsel Stand out! Also both rear Wheel skirts are intact and look good. 

As a Bonus, The Owners Manual and Maintenance Manual as well as several promotional items when Car was new is included, All in good shape!

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