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1968 Mustang Bullitt



Factory C-Code V8 Car

Gorgeous Highland Green Paint


Incredible Undercarriage


Brand New Torque Thrust Wheels

This '68 was built as a Bullitt. The Highland Green 2 Stage Base Clear paint is gorgeous. The gas cap has the black out and the quarter ornaments were painted body color as did the movie car. Even the license plate is a movie reproduction. Of course there are some cues you could add further but this car saves you a tremendous amount of time on your Bullitt build if you are starting from scratch. A Dynacorn body is now $18,500 and that doesn't come with a VIN or title. Not to mention some states make it a very gray area to get licensed and insured. Add in the parts this car has and a very nice paint and you are saving quite a bit of money and a huge amount of time.

This was a complete rebuild and paint on the body. The car had been stored outside for several years under a tarp damaging the roof skin and quarter panel as well as damaging (electrolysis consuming the aluminum) factory window VIN tag. The VIN is still visible on the fender and the door tag is in place, both match. The drivers quarter panel and roof skin were professionally replaced with quality reproductions. The whole car was sandblasted and then re-assembled in a professional restoration shop. The panels are very straight and the fitment is nice. The front fenders & hood were installed but not final fitted because they would come off for the pending engine install. New bumpers were installed along with door handles and grill trim. The car really looks nice. There are trim items the car still needs such as the window moldings, roof rail weatherstrip moldings and a few other small pieces. These pieces are all readily available aftermarket.

The undercarriage was also sandblasted and painted in a chassis black. It really looks nice and will help the car survive the elements for another 50 years.


The 68's can house any of the engines Ford produced that year so whether you want a 289 or a 427 there is room in the engine bay for it. The car was originally an automatic but a 4, 5 or a 6 speed manual would be an easy installation. The brakes are currently the stock, un-rebuilt, drum units. With new disc kits running from 11-14" the choices are nearly endless and surprisingly affordable.

The interior has new carpet, dash pad, instrument bezels and door panels. The front seat is a rare bench unit that would look great restored. A few pieces of the rear trim are missing but are available aftermarket.

The window moldings need to have some of the clip pins installed as the top skin did not come with them. The early clips use screws instead of pins which is another option Ford used.

The tires & wheels are brand new American Racing Torque Thrusts with BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. They fit perfectly, filling up the wheel wells without being too big.

So there it is. A great looking car that puts you about a year ahead of a 'build from scratch project'.

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