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1979 F350 4x4


Super Rare F36 VIN 1-Ton 4x4
Original Paint (what's left)
Original Interior (what's left)
400ci V8
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Dana 60 Front Differential
Power Disc Brakes

In this ever expanding truck market, the 70's Fords are extremely sought after. Thankfully Ford made lots of them. However, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd your options are few. Highboy's are quite popular, but were made in quite high numbers. The lone year '79 F350 4x4 is a good way to stand out...if you can find one. These Dana 60 front axle equipped F36 VIN trucks command a premium with only 10k of them produced. 

This '79 has has survived quite well, but as you can see there will be no beauty pageants won in her current dress. You could rock the patina with a semi-flat clear. The big deal is her bones are good. The body as a whole is in good shape with only a little rust in the drivers side bed wheel well and a small spot in the passenger rear cab corner.  The exterior side trim looks great and really compliments the lines of these trucks.  The floors are in good shape and the bed is too with no major rust.  You will find a small crack in the bed rail, drivers side at the front stake pocket which doesn't pose any immediate issues. 

The interior rubber matt is in good shape.  The seat could be re-uphulstored or throw a seat cover on it along with a dash cover.  Overall it's very complete, but here too the aftermarket comes to the rescue with nearly every single nut, bolt, seat cover, door panel and nick-nack reproduced. 

Under the hood the 400 appears to be original, but we did not get any documentation.  The transmission shifts properly and clutch engages fine.  The tires are older so before any dedicated street use they should be replaced.  If you look close, you'll notice this truck has a little taller stance at the front end compliments of new leaf springs which levels it out nicely.  The springs are what you'd find on a high boy.

This one is a very solid driver and while she runs, drives, stops & turns we would recommend some inspection and servicing prior to any road trips beyond the neighborhood. 

VIN: F36SRFC3300

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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