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1968 Mustang Fastback



427 Stroker 351W Based w/SVO Block

John Kasse P38 Heads


Powerglide Transmission

with 5500 Stall


Currie 9" / 4:30 gears


Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes


Dedenbear Delay Box


Dedenbear Air Shifter


Cal-Trac Springs and Traction Bars


Non-Tubbed Original inner quarters

This '68 Fastback has had an expensive drag race build done. It cranks out the quarter mile in 9.70's at 137 mph. At the track these performance figures are admirable but what really stands out is the build quality of the car. This car was built by a well known Mustang enthusiast with a high end collection. With a paint job that could easily work on a weekend show car and high quality chrome you wouldn't be surprised to think this is a trailer queen. The custom components were all fabricated and fit very nicely. This was not a back yard build.

Under the hood lives a 427 CID Stroker. Born from a 351 SVO block, it uses a 4.125" bore and a 4" stroke to reach that lofty 427 Cubes from a small block. The list of parts in this engine is truly impressive including Jessel Belt Drive, Custom Comp Cams Solid Roller Camshaft, Pro Magnum Rocker Arms, John Kasse P38 Cylinder Heads and more.The build on this engine was nearly $17k and was performed by Blood Enterprises and included cylinder head porting on a flow bench and chassis-dyno tuning. The compression ratio is 13 to 1 so you will not be running Chevron in this one. However, there really is no smell better than race-fuel scented exhaust.

The Hughes Power Glide transmission uses a 5500 RPM stall so when the trans brake goes off, the wheels go up.

The 9" rear end was custom built by Currie Enterprises and utilizes their heavy duty 'Nodular' case, 4.30 Ratio Gears and massive 35 Spline Axles.

The rear suspension is from Cal-Trac and utilizes stock pickup points. These systems are very reliable and work very extremely well.

The braking is a full 4-Wheel Disc kit from Wilwood and brings the car comfortably down from those 137mph trap speeds reliably.

The electronics are from Dedenbear, one of the largest names in drag racing electronics.

The body is in excellent condition. This was treated to a high quality repaint. Fit & finish is very nice. The currently installed doors are light weight with Lexan windows and no regulators. Another set of doors with a fell set of glass and regulators were painted along with a stock (no wing) trunk lid and are included. Currently the car is running a high end Lexan windshield kit. If you want to convert the car back to full glass it would be an easy conversion. The aftermarket Shelby hood looks great and has a functional ram air system.

This body amazingly has not been altered (tubbed) so you could easily convert back to street duty.

The interior is obviously far from stock. However the factory dash has not been cut so it will accept stock instrumentation if you want to go that direction later. A professionally upholstered set of front seats is included adding to the ease of converting this car back to a street brawler.

There isn't room to list all of the upgrades or specify components here. A large file from the build will be included with the car.



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