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500 Sports Coupe


Automatic Transmission

Strong running 302 V8

Mallory Coil & Unilite Distributor

Holly Performance Carb.

Center Console


Here's a great car for your spring project. It's one that you can drive around town today while you put in the sweat equity. Are you dazzled by the Fairlane Thunderbolts, but scared away by the high prices? Why not add on a teardrop hood and turn this Fairlane 500 into the tribute car of your dreams? So many hot rod possibilities with this one. 


This Fairlane has a good strong FORD 302 V8 engine. The transmission shifts out nicely and the car sounds great moving down the road. The interior is dated and will need some restoration, but you've got good frames to work with, and the seat covers are available. The exterior paint has faded and there are a few surface bubbles around the wheels and doors. All in all though, it's a solid car and should be a good base to build on.


Have questions about price or condition?

Give us a call at 360-863-2241

We'll be happy to answer, or provide you with any photos you need.

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