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1970 Ford Wagon


Powerful 429 Cubic Inch Big Block
Original Wimbledon White Paint

If you grew up in the 70's or early 80's you have probably spent some quality time in the back of one of these. Long road trips, packed with siblings and some McDonalds Happy Meals floating down the road while some 8-track tape replayed over and over and over. Show up just about anywhere and you are going to hear about somebody's childhood road-trip in a woodgrain wagon. 

This one is still wearing its original Wimbledon White paint. The woodgrain was replaced with a reproduction vinyl wrap, which looks amazing. The trim is original and in good condition for the most part with some imperfections, keep in mind this is a 52 year old car.  The body is in good condition with no obvious visible rust in the quarters or doors.
 There was some surface-rust scale in the rear treasure chest which was coated with a POR style paint. If you are looking for a good no-guilt cruiser this is it.

Inside it still wears its original blue upholstery. There are imperfections obviously, this one was used but not abused. Looking around inside at all the knobs, handles & switches you realize these cars were packed with equipment. The windows are manual and still work as they should. The seats are still comfortable and fully capable of a serious road trip. The rear door is the double-open set up that can swing open with the window upright or with the window down can open like a tail gate.

Under the hood the original 429 still runs excellent. The odometer shows 74,964 and that does appear to be original, however no mileage docs were provided. Simply hit the gas once and touch the key and the 429 fires up easily. Touch the gas and the engine revs quickly. The 1970 still had great compression so the torque is very surprising, just a little tickle on the gas and this wagon is underway. Get a bit aggressive and the rear tire goes up in smoke. Its quite fun to drive as it feels every bit as big as it looks and it really just floats down the road as fast as you care to.

This wagon was originally equipped with Air Conditioning. The under-dash system appears to be in-tact. The compressor and under-hood hoses were removed at some point and are no longer with the car. Vintage Air, Old Air and a couple of other companies make under-hood kits that can work with the factory under-dash components. 

VIN: 0J76K134157
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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