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1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible


Super Rare PHS Documented 455 HO 4-Speed!
Comes with the Numbers Matching 455
Numbers Matching 4-Speed Transmission
Factory 12-Bolt Safe-T-Track Differential
Factory Equipped Hood Tachometer
Factory Equipped Power Front Disc Brakes

Obviously this is a project car, let's start there. If you know anything of the Muscle Car world...they all are to some extent. This one runs and even drives. The steering feels good and the braking does as well. Heck, the hood tach even works. However, this one is begging for a proper restoration...the full-meal-deal rotisserie. With a pedigree such as this car has it is one of the few examples out there that will leave you with equity when you are done. Being one of only 158 4-Speeds made, this is a very rare car. Having its original born-with engine and transmission puts this one in rarified air.

So...where to start. I guess sit down because your gettin a story. We uncovered this one in a back alley hidden away where it hadn't seen the light of day for well over 20 years, approaching 30 actually. The story has it that this car has been in the same family since the late 70's. Years of use took its toll mechanically and cosmetically. The born-with 455 became tired & was replaced with a 360 horsepower 396 (luckily the 455 was kept...phew). The car was in the middle of being repainted in the early 90's when the owner passed away. The paint had largely been sanded off and was partially disassembled. It was passed off to the former owner's brother and put into storage to wait as a retirement project. Unfortunately storage was little more than a car canopy and a thick blanket of tarps. Needless to say the car fell even further into disrepair before the project was able to begin due to the second brother passing away. That's the story of the car abbreviated as much as possible. The former owner's family's contact info will be available to the new owner.

We did a light machine sand and covered the car with a coat of primer to put the car in a single shade. The panels have the typical rust issues around the rear wheel openings and the lower front fenders. Overall though, its quite solid with the original burgundy paint on the floors and spatter paint in the trunk. The panels all appear to be the originals with the exception of the hood which had been replaced with another original GTO hood. There doesn't appear to have ever been any serious collisions as the metal all appears accident free. Restoration wise there shouldn't be any surprises for the body man.

Inside the interior is complete, though thoroughly worn from time. The upholstery appears to be the original. This one will need the whole resto kit, but at least all the hard parts appear to still be in place right down to the original 4-speed shift handle. 

The convertible top was so crispy we just peeled it off to avoid leaving it on the cars behind us on the freeway. The mechanism has been lubed up and doesn't appear to have any breaks or loose pins. The hydraulic system will need a rebuild. 

Under the hood lives a GM traitor...but at least its a valuable one ;). The current heartbeat is from a 1966 360 horsepower 396 from a Chevelle by the coding. Luckily the torque-monster 455 HO was saved. It wears the correct VIN stampings to prove it as well. It is complete right down to the correct intake manifold & cylinder heads. The engine doesn't appear to have suffered any catastrophic failure as the cylinders show no obvious damage. The original Muncie 4-speed is still in the car and works properly from the lot driving we have done.

The 12-bolt differential appears to be the original unit and is held in place by the correct control arms which have the special bracing...see pics.

The original Power Front Disc Brakes are still in place and work. We did some servicing on them and while they feel up to the task they really should be fully disassembled for restoration.

The wheels are Rally II's with white letter tires, all in good condition. 

So, there you have it. This one is an extremely rare car putting it in pretty rare company. These cars restored bring a six-figure price when you can even find them. With a numbers matching engine & transmission this one has the makings of a serious icon.

VIN: 242670Z110414
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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