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1977 Bronco



Congrats Heather!!!

Gorgeous First Gen Bronco


Power 4-Wheel Disc Brakes

Power Steering

Performance Built 302 V8

Crisp Shifting Automatic Transmission

2 1/2" Duff Suspension Lift

Beautiful Parchment Interior

Tom's Bronco Premium Seating Package

Fold & Tumble Rear Seat

The '77 Bronco was the last of its breed. Ford packed in the options before signing off. With factory Power Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Automatic Transmission, Improved 'Y-style' Steering and integrated fuel doors the '77 was the high point of option content.

This Bronco has clocked approximately 7k miles since a restoration done in the 90's. The restoration has held up well but there are the normal imperfections of a nearly 20 year old repaint. The panels line up well and the paint still shines nicely. This one is easily nice enough to enjoy as a weekend cruiser or even as a daily driver. The floors, doors, kick panels and rockers all look good and solid.


Inside this Bronco looks incredible. We replaced the tired reproduction seating with Tom's Premium Parchment Sport Seating. These seats fully recline in front and the rear seat is a Fold-n-Tumble complete with headrests. The front & rear door panels were also replaced with new units. The carpet kit is a custom molded ACC kit that fits nice and looks great. The interior is very comfortable as well as quiet thanks to the insulated carpet.

Under the hood the 302 has been carefully massaged with an Isky 260 cam, double roller timing chain & gears, ported small chamber 1969 cylinder heads, balanced rotating assembly, .030 flat top pistons, shot peened rods with upgraded rod bolts, high volume oil pump, Boss 302 windage tray, aluminum intake manifold and more. The engine fires up easily even in below freezing weather, idles with a mild lope from the cam, performs comfortably on the highway and has just a very fun combination to drive. The power is approximately 300 horsepower, to put that in perspective that is more than double the factory 1977 rating of 135 Horsepower.

The factory Power Disc Brakes work excellent and have been further upgraded with rear disc brakes. This Bronco stops very well from highway speeds. The pedal pressure is minimal and braking is straight and true. One downside is that the parking brake was not utilized on this kit so there is no emergency brake.

The steering is the factory Y style and works very nicely. No bump steer, just a firm feel from the road. The effort is light but not twitchy.

The Duff suspension lift is a 2 1/2" kit. It rides very nicely with a firm feel so its not 'squishy' in the corners or on bumps. The bushings were all replaced with this kit as well.

This is a nicely equipped, solid and beautiful first-gen Bronco. Get in it and drive it daily if you want or just use it as a weekend present to yourself while enjoying an appreciating asset.





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