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1966 Bronco


Great Looking Indigo Blue Paint

Custom Interior with Tom’s Bronco Seats

Custom Dash with Autometer Gauges

Full Custom Family Cage

408 Cubic Inch Fuel Injected Stroker Engine

Brand New Rebuilt Automatic Overdrive Transmission

Heavy Duty Dana 44 Front Axle

9” Heavy Duty Rear Axle

Duff Long Arm Front Suspension

Deaver Long Travel Rear Springs

Dual Shocks All Around

Brand New 37” Toyo R/T Tires

Brand New Fuel Trophy Wheels

Impact Series Bumpers from Tom’s

Heavy Duty 8k Winch with Synthetic Rope


This Bronco has some seriously rugged good looks. The Indigo Blue paint is a few years old but presents very well. From the heavy duty Impact Bumpers to the aggressive 37” Toyo R/T Tires this Bronco is all business. This Bronco was built to be used & enjoyed with heavy duty parts. This Bronco is comfortable on the highway at 70 with just one hand on the wheel while still being able to hang with the trailered rigs at the off road parks. Read on for a very impressive list of components all in one very cool package.


The body is a very solid ’66 that has a nice Indigo Blue paint job. The hood is from Wild Horses and is a great looking, high quality fiberglass that allows clearance for that HUGE EFI Long Runner Intake on the 408. Hydraulic lifts let you escape the prop rod issues. The soft top is in great shape.


The interior features brand new seats from Tom’s Broncos including the ultra cool Fold n’ Tumble rear seat. New seat belts were installed at each corner as well. The floors are fully bedlined and in good condition. The dash has been fit with a full complement of custom gauges to keep track of things like oil temperatures and air fuel ratios. The cage is a custom unit in the ‘Family Cage’ design to give full protection to the back passengers as well.


Under the hood lives a Monster. The 351 Windsor block has been stroked & poked and now displaces 408 Cubic Inches. This is a late block made for a factory Roller Camshaft. The cam has been upgraded to support the extra cubic inches and deep breathing aluminum heads. The idle has a nice lope and the exhaust note is incredible thanks to the big dual exhaust and Flowmaster mufflers. You will never mistake this 450 horsepower engine for the original 200 horsepower 289! The power is available right off idle all the way up. This is a long runner intake so the power starts to flatten out at around 5400 rpm. However the freshly rebuilt trans shifts before that and you really are just trying to keep the rear end from passing the front anyhow. However, you can drive this thing like a daily driver as it has excellent manners in traffic. The heavy duty coolers keep the engine and transmission cool even in summer heat.


The suspension system in this Bronco has all the big names you want. In the front James Duff Long Arms were selected along with dual Rancho Adjustable shocks & extended length coil springs. Out back, the Deaver Springs allow for plenty of travel. This system works very well both off road and on road thanks to the adjustability of the shocks. The firm setting gives you firm, even handling on the road. The soft setting gives you plenty of squish that eats bumps, ruts & jeeps.


All the suspension & steering upgrades are useless without a good set of tires. Because of the capabilities of this Bronco we went with the brand new Toyo R/T. The R/T’s were built to fill the void between the super popular ATII and the M/T. These tires are the latest technology that gives you the excellent driving you expect from the ATII and the off road capabilities approaching the M/T without the noise. These tires are truly amazing. They are installed on brand new Fuel Trophy wheels.


The wiring system has been completely replaced with a high quality Centech system. No more worrying about 50 year old wiring and antiquated fuses. This new system brings everything up to date and provides more fuses for add on accessories. The engine is controlled by its own wiring system as well, compliments of Painless wiring. This allows for a true stand alone system for the engine and a simple wiring harness.


The brakes are the highly desirable Hydro-Boost system. This system uses hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump for a nice, linear brake pedal. These are the same systems used in late model cars and it really makes a huge difference.


There are so many things that have been upgraded on this Bronco I could go on for pages. If you are looking for a well equipped Bronco that not only can cruise the street but rule the dunes, check this one out!

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