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1965 Mustang Fastback


New photos and updates!

Factory 'A' Code Car (No Engine)

Fully Detailed Undercarriage

4 Speed Toploader Close Ratio

with Hurst Shifter

4 Wheel Disc Brakes

Air Conditioning

9" Rear End

Reconditioned Rally Pack

Original Floors

Original Quarters

Excellent Body

New 17" Torque Thrust Wheels

New Tires


This one is a project, though a very nearly finished one. We would normally keep a car like this and see it through to completion, but our shop is full of similar cars, and instead of waiting months to work it in, we're going to see if anyone wants to take up the mantle of restoration on this one.

The previous owner has spent an enormous block of time and money to get it to this point. Starting with an extremely straight and original body, it looks like he did everything right towards a first class restoration. Take a good look at all of the photos that come with this one, especially the undercarriage and under hood areas, and you will see the level of detail that was thoughtfully invested in.

Imagine being in this position, instead of buying that rusty V8 fastback that you're looking at. Choosing this nearly completed car puts you months if not years ahead, with a better body to begin with.

The next step on this one is to choose your motor, and then install it. Reconnect the brake lines and mate the included transmission and with just a few weekends of sweat equity and detail work, you should be out on the road with your ride. None of your friends have to be the wiser, and you can enjoy the hours of fun, and future profits that this car will surely bring. 


Comes with All New Weather Strip, Freshly completed new seat upholstery. Refurbished factory console, fold down rear seat!

Lots of parts come with this one! It's a very nearly done project. Just drop in your power plant and enjoy the fruits of the last guy's labor! We've staged some of the parts on this car so you can see that they are included. A final fitment is suggested to make sure everything lines up professionally.


Please do give us a call about this one. We can make adjustments to what comes with this car to help you out in the final stage of the build such as different wheels and tires, additional parts, etc.

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