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1961 Corvette

Beautiful Roman Red Paint

Gorgeous White Convertible Top

Includes Red Hard Top

Crisp Black Interior

Original 270HP Solid Lifter, Dual Quad 283 Included

Current 350 Runs Very Strong

4-Speed Super T-10 Transmission

Posi-Traction Rear End


We don’t often do Corvettes, but when we do, there is a good reason. ’61 is my favorite year with the classy painted coves and the most classic of the lines. When they were designed the plans were spot on. There isn’t a bad angle or a spot on the body that wasn’t well thought out. Sitting in the car, your arm rests perfectly on the door and the shifter sits comfortably under your right hand. This car was designed to cruise the boulevards. It sounds incredible with just the right amount of lope to the cam, not too much. The exhaust has an authoritative note, again just the right amount to drive comfortably but also to let you know this isn’t a Prius. You also will not be able to hide anywhere with the bright Roman Red paint and all that chrome trim. When you drive this car you need to be ready for the compliments, thumbs up and constant stares.


The body on this ’61 looks great, and is in good condition. The panels line up well, doors, trunk & hood all open and close easily. This is an older repaint, but it has been well preserved thanks to excellent care and being properly garaged. While it isn’t perfect, it presents extremely well. If you want a car that will empty buildings and draw crowds, this is it. It has been driven, though sparingly, so there are some minor stone chips and imperfections only visible on very close inspection. This is the perfect Sunny Day Cruiser.


Inside the interior is in great condition. The seats are very comfortable and the upholstery looks excellent. The door panels fit crisp on the doors and the brushed panels are nice & bright. The carpet fits excellent and appears as new. The factory radio was replaced with a custom unit that fits in the factory location. It is a digital unit that also works with a CD changer in the trunk. The system could easily be changed back to stock if desired.

The folding Convertible Top is in excellent condition with nice soft upholstery and nice seams. It folds and stows easily. The hard top is in overall good condition. The rear window does have some cracks at the latch area. It is a Rare and Valuable option to have with the car.

The trunk compartment is also in great condition. The factory style floor mat covers a great looking & solid trunk pan. The compartment is surprisingly large and can handle plenty of luggage for a long weekend trip including all your wife’s shoes.


This Corvette started life out with the High Performance 270 Horse Power Solid Lifter Dual Quad 283 and a 4 Speed Transmission. This was the top carbureted engine option. The original engine has been rebuilt and a 350 installed to Drive & Enjoy as a Corvette should be. There is no reason to risk the original engine to a spirited missed shift when the 350 makes more power and is easily replaceable. The original engine was rebuilt in the 90’s and has been stored since. It has the original dual quad intake & dual point tach drive distributor. It does not have the original carburetors though. The current 350 makes excellent power thanks to a performance camshaft, aluminum intake, electronic ignition and 67 more cubic inches than the 283. It will easily break both rear tires loose in 1st & 2nd gear. The car never fails to put a smile on your face when you drive it.


It is reported that the 4-Speed is a Super T-10 that was just rebuilt. It works excellent with crisp shifting. The manual transmission really makes the car, adding just the perfect amount of driver input. Corvettes should have all been 4-Speeds.

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