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1933 Ford 2 Door Sedan


Henry Ford Steel Body

TCI Full Chassis

Super-Charged Big Block 429


C6 Automatic Transmission

4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes

Rack & Pinion Steering

Power Sun Roof

This ’33 is a Real Steel car, not a kit and definitely not fiberglass. Being built by a well known body and paint professional, the car has been done right. It has been fit to a custom TCI Chassis that has been stretched 4” to fit the Super-Charged Big Block. The wheel base change is subtle but makes all the difference when it comes to making everything work right.

This one was built to drive. Basically a throw-back to the 50’s when these cars were still plentiful and the base for all manner of street rod builds. While the body is quite straight and the fabrication was done nicely, the paint was applied to look like the flatter single stage paints of the day. The doors are slightly off a shade from the main body, but that doesn’t jump out at first. A Lincoln power sunroof was installed and works nicely. A set of steel fenders and running boards are included with the car but would need to be modified to accommodate the 4” longer wheel base.

The TCI chassis is a work of engineering artwork. Not only is the chassis a thing of beauty, but it allows this car to be driven easily down the road at highway speeds. The steering geometry is excellent and thanks to the rack & pinion the effort is minimal and feedback is perfect. Having 4 Wheel Power Disc Brakes is much appreciated. Pedal effort is minimal and stopping is drama free. This car is a true joy to drive.

Powering the package is a Ford 385-Series Big Block. The 429 has been topped with rare & desirable 429 Police Interceptor cylinder heads.  It is a nice build with a mild lope to the idle and a very noticeable note to the ProCharger Super-Charger. Power should be nearing 600 Horsepower on pump gas with the 7 psi of boost. You can pretty much figure out the power to weight ratio on one hand.

We photo’d this one on an 85 degree day and the car idled much of the time. Never did it offer to overheat and never once was there an issue starting.

Inside the car still has some work to do. Seating is from a Lincoln and is very comfortable. The dash is ready for paint and hosts a compliment of high quality gauges. The LoKar shifter is both elegant and functional with a working neutral safety switch. Many ways you could go in here or leave it like the rods of yesterday, unfinished.

The wiring of course has been completely redone with modern components. The wiper motor works nicely, though the wiper arm has not been installed. Headlights, turn signal and brake lights all work well.

With some finishing still to be done, you have the opportunity to put your mark on the car while saving thousands over starting from scratch.

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