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1970 Bronco


Roadster Builder!!!
Sandblasted Frame
VIN Matched Frame & Glove Box
Dana 44 front Axle

Are you looking for something to do? Have big dreams but not the $150k to buy your dream Bronco? This one sits in a fun spot. Sure, there is a ton of work to do. There is even a lot of money to spend. Life is a journey and as car guys sometimes we need to take an adventurous road to make it memorable. This Bronco promises steep climbs, a wash out or two and maybe even a river (of tears) crossing. However, that ride has you emerging victorious on the steed of legend.

Enough of that, obviously there is rust. However, the repairs needed are laid bare. No mysteries here. Floorpans have already been replaced as well as some other pieces. It will need new door posts, but they are included. This one was destined to be a 'Roadster' so they might not be needed unless you plan on adding doors which are not included. The quarters have been worked as have been the fenders. The tailgate is beyond salvation, though it has the crucial hardware needed for the new one. The frame was already stripped and the factory VIN's are easily visible. 

The DANA 44 front axle is in place as is the 9" rear end. Condition of each is unknown so at least a disassemble and inspection is in order for them. 

There is an aftermarket suspension lift in place, 3"ish? A custom 2" body lift was added to the frame.

There is no steering box or column included. A high end restoration would see the stock ones replaced anyways.

Obviously there are a lot of missing components depending on which way you go. Broncos can be built very bare bones for a much easier built. However, they can also be complicated builds such as Coyote with A/C, hydroboost, 4 link suspensions, etc. You can build a Bronco for not a lot of money or you can dump a King's ransom. This one is completely up to you.

VIN: U15GLH56725

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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