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2003 Mustang Cobra 'Terminator'


2003 Cobra Terminator


Insane Amounts of Upgrades


Ford Racing Aluminator Engine


Whipple 3.4L Supercharger


Tremec T-56 Magnum 2.66


McLeod Twin Disc Clutch


Strange 8.8 Solid Rear Axle


Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm Kit


Maximum Motorsports Coil Over Conversion


Lethal Performance 1000 RWHP Fuel System


Innovate Wide Band System


Unless the above terms actually mean something to you, you should probably not own this car. To buy this car would be like marrying Rhonda Rousey with no clue how to fight. Either way, your first go of it would leave you with no dignity and a hole in a wall in the general shape of your body. This car makes 647 Horsepower and 572 lb/ft of torque…at the wheels. You really can’t get away with full throttle antics unless you are paying attention AND have driving skills.


The body on this Cobra is in good condition with a few of the normal street minor scratches & nicks. The panels are nice and straight & the paint has a beautiful shine. Custom wheels are stuffed with sticky Toyo R888 rubber needed to even think of sticking this power. Due to their size though, there is some scraping on the rear tires.


The interior is more of a cockpit, (technically I think that happens above 600 horsepower) with plenty of aftermarket gauges complimenting the factory units. Autometer supplies the Cobalt units for the Boost, Fuel and Oil. An air/fuel meter from Innovate helps keep track of the exhaust temps. Recaro racing seats hold you firmly in place for the serious handling capabilities this car has. In case of the unthinkable, a 6 point roll bar complete with removable door bars is in place.


This Cobra has been seriously worked by several reputable shops. The conversion from stock to this point has taken over a decade of time and large piles of disposable income. Every upgrade has been made with the ultimate in durability and horsepower in mind. This car has its own bible that comes with it complete with receipts and manuals so maintaining it is straight forward.


Under the hood the original Terminator was long ago terminated and replaced with the Ford Racing Aluminator. The original blower tossed out in favor of the Whipple 2.9 Crusher. To supply fuel to this monster a 1000 Horsepower kit from Lethal Performance was installed. To try and cover all of the other engine upgrades here would be futile. Brad’s Custom Auto in Seattle did the work and receipts are provided.


The original trans, well that was replaced too. A 2.66 Magnum T-56 was sourced from D&D Motorsports. A McLeod twin disc 26-spline clutch replaces the factory unit.


The independent rear was no match for this horsepower so a solid 8.8” axle from Strange was sourced along with alloy 31 spline axles. To fit that solid axle a Torque Arm and heavy duty control arms from Maximum Motorsports were installed along with Coil-Over Shocks.


Again, this is a serious car and just like Rhonda, NOT for the timid or the inexperienced.

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