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1970 Mustang Mach 1


Elite Marti Report Verified Mach 1
Excellent Running 351 Cleveland 4 Barrel Engine
4-Speed Toploader Transmission
Rear Window Louvers
Front & Rear Spoilers
Retrotech Custom Gauge Package

If you are looking for a Mach and don't want to break the bank...take a look here. It checks a ton of the boxes and is a door-buster bargain compared to the prices out there right now. 

When it comes to visual stimulation this Mach hits the right spot. Candy Apple Red, Louvers, Spoilers, Magnum 500's on some fat rubber...its all there right down to the just low enough but not too low stance. The paint is older with nicks, dings & scratches typical of a well enjoyed 15 year old paint job. Stand back 10 feet they all fade away and she is still drop dead gorgeous. The paint shines nicely, panels align well and the bright work gleams. Its a beautiful car but isn't a show car. Call this one a nice driver.

Inside, the interior looks great. The seat upholstery is fresh, door panels look good, the factory gauges have been replaced with Dakota Digital 'Retro Tech' units that closely mimic the originals with an added factory appearing tachometer. These are some of the nicest looking gauges of any car...truly impressive. There are lots of new pieces but some older pieces are still there and could use some detailing. looks great....but perfect it isn't.

Under the hood the 351 Cleveland has the '4' corner cylinder heads and has been upgraded with an Aluminum Intake Manifold, larger camshaft, long tube headers and more. It fires up nicely with just a mild but noticeable lope to the idle. The Toploader 4-Speed transmission is shifted via a Hurst shifter and it works properly. Clutch engagement is smooth. Mechanically this is a simple car with manual steering, brakes and transmission. Its about as organic & connected as you get.

The Magnum 500 Wheels are 15" units from Scott Drake and are Wrapped in Cooper Cobra 235 60's on the front & 255 60's on the rear. They fit perfectly and look great!

The accompanying 'Elite' Marti Report verifies this one as a real Mach and does a nice job of breaking down the rarity of the car. 

The floors were just completely replaced. During the prior restoration the floors had been replaced but the prep work and assembly were done poorly. Upon discovery we removed them, both of the torque boxes, toe boards and seat risers and replaced them all with quality reproduction units. 

VIN: 0F05M187443
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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